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Priority and sales-i - working together.

    Working in partnership.

    sales-i are proud to partner with Priority Software as part of their solutions expansion.

    Priority thrives on innovation, delivering the tools and functionality to meet the unique needs of its customers, and is now proud to offer its customers the ability to better manage and control their sales processes and enhance their sales team's efficiency and productivity with sales-i.

    Priority Software - an introduction.


    A refreshing alternative to weighty and complex ERP systems, Priority Software delivers highly flexible and scalable end-to-end ERP solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries.

    From small and growing businesses and mid-size corporates to a fully-featured ERP platform serving multi-national corporations, Priority believes that ERP should be easy. 

    Why Priority Software could work for you.

    Powered by flexibility, system openness and mobility tools, Priority believes that ERP systems should and can be easier to use, easier to implement and easier to maintain and enhance.

    Priority supports business processes and workflows by delivering the necessary tools to achieve this flexibility, including Business Process Management (BPM), mobile application generator, user-level personalization, business rules generator, and more.

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    Interested in becoming a sales-i partner? Click the link below, complete the form and we'll be in touch to talk further.

    Become a partner.

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