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Sharp-aX ERP integration.

Combine your Sharp-aX data with sales-i.

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About Sharp-aX ERP Integration

About Sharp-aX ERP Integration

Sharp-aX software was designed for wholesalers and merchants of all kinds who have many products and customers to manage.

Electrical wholesalers, builders, plumbers & bathroom merchants, fasteners & fixings, tiling & flooring, and fencing & roofing wholesalers to mention but a few!

The company started six years ago using the unrivaled experience of a management team who have all worked successfully in the industry for many years and are specialists in Microsoft SQL, DotNet, and DevExpress frameworks.

Find out more here. Or download info Sharp-ax information.

Jon Bishop, Connect Electrical

"I’ve looked at different systems and picked Sharp-Ax from Sharp-aX Computer Systems, because it used all modern windows techniques and was by far the best I saw; they are very experienced in electrical wholesalers systems and while they are a large software house which is reassuring, you are still treated as important, whatever size you are."

Jon Bishop
Connect Electrical

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