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Do you know a sales GOAT?

Let us know who your sales GOAT is and both of you could win a prize!

sales-i is looking to find the manufacturing and wholesale distribution sector's GOAT who is performing at the top of their sales game.

Do you know a sales GOAT? Have a listen to one possible candidate, an OUTSTANDING sales performer who is in his late 80s and still excels.

We will be awarding the winning sales representative 2021 GOAT award based on your nominations.

Tell us who and why you are nominating your GOAT by filling out the form below.

Prefer to give your nomination over the phone? Leave us a voicemail on 310-648-2200.

The 2021 GOAT will win an iPhone 12 and the person nominating the GOAT will win a $250 AMEX gift card.

The GOAT winner, their stories and their best practices will be shared, so get your GOAT candidates in to us by Friday February 5th.

Who is your sales GOAT?

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