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CIM Services and sales-i - working together.

    Introducing CIM Services.

    CIM Services is a complete IT solution provider and Sage business partner, trusted for over 29 years to deliver simple, effective IT solutions to more than 250 SME customers across the UK and worldwide.

    As an award-winning Sage business partner, they specialize in Sage Accounts and Manufacturing solutions; including Sage 50, Sage 200, Infor:Swan and their latest product, Cim50.

    sales-i and CIM Services.

    CIM Services strive to provide customers with industry-leading solutions that give them a competitive edge and the partnership with sales-i is a great example of this.

    The partnership will allow CIM customers to identify missed sales opportunities and view real-time, actionable data which can lead the direction meetings ensuring more profitable outcomes.

    The combined benefits.

    This partnership will bring numerous benefits, including: automated, in-depth analysis of a customer’s data, providing a deeper understanding of typical sales trends, slipping accounts and missed opportunities.

    Complete visibility into performance for each sales representative, branch, product or customer. Data-driven decision making with powerful customer insights that are instantly available to all salespeople.

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