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Sales Enablement & CRM Software for the FMCG/CPG industry.

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Act fast with every sales opportunity by taking advantage of sales-i.

Powerful customer insights
Be confident that you will never miss valuable opportunities again with an integrated CRM system that records everything from customer interactions to tasks to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into a profitable conversation.

Make smarter decisions
Based on accurate and valuable data, you’re able to make faster, better-informed decisions that improve sales production, performance and margins through the business.

Track and manage trends
Get instant alerts when your customer purchasing behavior drops, changes or stops altogether, helping you to spot a leaking customer and prevent the risk of churn before it’s too late.

Boosting sales from existing customers.

More sales don’t always equal more customers. By using sales-i, you can delve into the areas of your existing customer base and identify any sales opportunities that they are missing out on, for example are they buying coffee, but not tea?
  • Instantly analyze and interrogate key accounts to highlight up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns that are tailored to their business requirements
  • Maximize your existing customer potential by concentrating on the accounts only contributing 30% to your annual revenue

Increase your margins.

With sales-i, you can monitor the performance of each customer account and product line to spot valuable sales opportunities that maximize profit.
Be aware of exactly who is buying from you, what products they are purchasing – and what they are not – and at what margin. But, more importantly, you can discover what your customers should be buying from you that they are currently missing out on.

Hit every sales target.

Knowledge is power, and by utilizing sales-i you’re putting the power in the hands of your sales team, giving them the opportunity and confidence to lead the meeting.

By eliminating the time-consuming admin tasks, such as interrogating customer reports to manually find sales opportunities, your sales teams are able to boost productivity and focus their expertise, knowledge and attention to closing more deals, resulting in hitting more targets each month.

Predict the future.

Using your customer purchasing history, spending habits and pattern trends, you’re able to automatically predict their next move and act on it before they do.

Create targeted sales and marketing campaigns that are personalized to each account, to deliver the products and promotions your customers want to see. If they buy Nescafe coffee from you every six months, but are not purchasing Tetley teabags, which are typically bought together, are they using a competitor to source some products?

If that’s the case then you can offer an exclusive deal to get their business.

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