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Janitorial/sanitation & hygiene sales enablement & CRM solutions

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Mop up those sales opportunities and wipe out the competition with sales-i.

Stop sales from falling

sales-i highlights gaps in spend trends, contracting accounts and eroding profit margins in an instant, so you can work fast to recover any slipping customers before it’s too late.

Powerful customer insights

Be confident that you will never miss valuable data again with an Integrated CRM System that records everything from customer interactions to completed sales tasks. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into conversations that count.

Make smart decisions

sales-i brings confidence and clarity to your business with actionable sales and business information that you can convert into well-informed, accurate and data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.

Boosting sales with existing customers.

Boosting sales
with existing customers.

More sales don’t always equal more customers. By Using sales-i, you can delve into the areas of your existing customer base and identify any Sales Opportunities that they are missing out on. Are they buying mops from you but not buckets

  • Instantly analyze and interrogate key accounts to spot up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns that are tailored to their business requirements
  • Maximize your existing customer potential by concentrating on the accounts only contributing 30% to your annual revenue
Manage products with ease.

Manage products
with ease.

With massive ranges of janitorial and sanitary supplies, it’s easy to lose track of each product, it’s performance, and whether it’s selling alongside its complimentary item(s).

Having sales-i will allow you to quickly view any product information and instantly see the performance of individual items and which customers have bought this from you in the last three years.

With intuitive dashboards and interactive graphs, your data becomes easy to consume and implement, meaning you can confidently manage your product portfolio with ease.

Head of Business Development at Sybron UK

"sales-i has given us hours of time and significantly increased our results from effective reporting. We now have an additional 48 hours each week by eliminating the lengthy process of price reviews & customer analysis."

George Mason
Head of Business Development at Sybron UK

Automatically plan your day.

plan your day.

With Jan/San manufacturers distributing products to multiple sectors across the country – including hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and more – it can be increasingly difficult to schedule your day and stick to it.

But, with sales - a Jan/San specific sales software - you can take advantage of MyCalls to prioritize which customers you should speak to first, depending on the health of their account and any opportunities that have been identified.

MyCalls will automatically schedule alerts to your calendar and remind you who to call, when to call them and what to say based on their purchasing data. It does all of the hard work for you.

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