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Medical / PPE.

Inject smart selling techniques that grow your medical supplies business.

Do you want to grow your sales, retain your customers, boost your bottom line and
protect your business from risk of churn?

Make smarter decisions
Based on accurate and valuable data, you’re able to make faster, better-informed and more confident decisions that improve sales production, performance and margins through the business.

Impress your customers
Prove to customers that you think about them beyond the point of sale. Find patterns in purchase behavior to make logical value-add suggestions and build rapport.
Track and manage trends
Get alerts when your customer purchasing behavior changes or stops altogether, helping you to spot a customer’s declining spend and prevent the risk of churn before it’s too late.

Connect your sales team.

Ensure your reps all have the same knowledge and confidence required to successfully close a sales deal. By having all of your important customer data in one place, all users can instantly see the information they need and stay up to date with any changes.

  • Sales reports are auto generated prior to a meeting, saving hours of pre-call planning
  • Meeting notes are entered straight into the sales-i system (by voice or text) and can be viewed by colleagues across the business to quickly understand the health of the customer, when they were last contacted and why
  • Key account information is available offline on any Apple and Android device

Get full visibility.

With an extensive catalogue of medical products continuously being distributed across multiple channels and organizations, it’s essential to understand exactly what is happening and how.

With sales-i – a sales software Designed for Medical Businesses – you can create a full overview of each individual product and quickly investigate which customers are buying and which are not, giving you clear visibility into the sales performance. You can also monitor your sales team to be confident in their productivity levels and whether they’re hitting their monthly targets.

Get instant visibility of your products, customers and sales reps and monitor their daily activity or performance

  • Create sales reports in seconds for every account, to instantly analyze customer buying behavior
  • Use targeted campaigns to coach sales reps on high volume and highly profitable products on every sales call

Boosting sales with existing customers.

The Medical Industry is Facing its Challenges, so more sales don’t always equal more customers. By using sales-i, you can delve into the areas of your existing customer base and identify any sales opportunities that they are missing out on. Are they buying surgical gloves from you, but not masks?

  • Instantly analyze and interrogate key accounts to spot up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns that are tailored to their business requirements
  • Maximize your existing customer potential by concentrating on the accounts only contributing 30% to your annual revenue

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