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Secure your next sales meeting with specialized packaging software.

Get reports instantly
sales-i creates detailed sales reports in seconds, with accurate sales analytics in a neat and professional presentation format that can be shared throughout the business and with your customers.

Increase your profits
Transform the conversion rates of your sales calls with instant insight to valuable up- sell and cross-selling opportunities. Grow your bottom line in a few simple clicks.

Powerful customer insights
Be confident that you will never miss valuable sales data again. With an Integrated CRM System, you can record everything from customer interactions to tasks you need to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into conversations that count.

Staying ahead of the competition.

With the packaging industry growing as shoppers continue to shift spend online, it’s important to always be aware of your own sales performance, to Ensure that You Never Fall Behind.

sales-i is specifically designed for the packing industry to highlight where the competition may be eating away at your market share and instantly sends an alert to your desktop, smart phone or tablet to allow you to action.

Having the important and actionable information at the touch of a button will help you to stay confident and Ahead of the Competition.

Retain loyal customers.

Typically, salespeople often focus their efforts on introducing new business, rather than targeting the existing customer base to maximize potential.

Give your team the confidence they need with a powerful sales software that identifies customer behavioral changes as they occur. This means your team can be proactive and contact these at-risk customers with personalized and tailored promotional cross-sell offers.

Hit every sales target.

Knowledge is power, and by utilizing sales-i you’re putting the power in the hands of your sales team, giving them the confidence to take control.

By eliminating the mundane admin tasks such as interrogating customer reports to manually find sales opportunities, your sales teams can boost productivity and focus their expertise, knowledge and attention to closing more deals, resulting in hitting more targets each month.


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