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Change Management.

    Working with you for a better transition.

    The sales-i Change Management team are there to understand – at length – how your sales team currently work and what it will take to transition to a technological change in the most efficient and streamlined way possible.

    With a 'Day In The Life' demonstration provided by your Change Management team, you're able to quickly see the difference sales-i makes to your current processes, and how much precious time and effort is saved by the support of data analytics.

    Having this demonstration will build excitement within your sales team because it shows them first hand what the system can do and how it will improve their day-to-day life.


    User adoption.

    User adoption is critical to the success of sales-i. No one likes change, so it's important to demonstrate the benefits of sales-i to the end users.



    Communicating the change early on will help the transition to be more streamlined. Your Change Management team will work with you to deliver the message your team want to hear and touch on industry changes that have impacted the decision to introduce sales-i.


    sales-i competition.

    To encourage stubborn sales people to take advantage of a new software, you could set up a competition for your sales reps to maximize usage. Whether that is first person to find an opportunity using sales-i wins to first person selling a product to a customer that they had no previously purchased.

    Answering your questions.

    Having access to the Change Management team will mitigate any feedback, questions or concerns early on – especially for those sales representatives that haven't explored a sales software previously.

    Easy to use system.

    With the guidance of a Change Management team, we can identify members within your sales team that are not used to a product like sales-i, and from here, we can tailor bespoke training sessions to their needs to ensure success.

    Hit your targets.

    It's incredibly important for us to understand what your sales team currently do to manage customers and hit their targets to guarantee we are delivering that within sales-i, but much, much easier.

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