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Coping with Coronavirus – The effect on the Jan/San sector.

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As it stands, sales-i should be exhibiting at the Manchester Cleaning Show from 25-26th March, however, with the risk of spreading Coronavirus, the event is now postponed until September.

The news of postponing the event was disheartening for the exhibitors, attendees and event coordinators, as naturally, you work hard to get the show on the road. But following government guidelines, it was always the right thing to do.

However, because concerns over Coronavirus have put cleanliness top of mind for everyone, it means it’s a very busy time for cleaning companies across the UK. The owners of UniStar Cleaning Service in Manchester say their phone has been ringing off the hook and are hiring additional cleaning specialists to keep up with the demand – so, it isn’t all total doom and gloom.

Over in the US, the results are similar. Thomas Licker, Division Manager of Infection Control Technologies in New Jersey, shares “The phones are blowing off the hook. We have stocked up with disinfectants like quaternary ammonium, ionized hydrogen peroxide, and swabs that detect the presence of living organisms. We have fielded more than 1,000 calls from people wondering what to do about the new Coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19.”

With the huge impact Coronavirus has had, and will continue to have, on cleaning companies, it can be hard to keep track of product supplies (and the demand from customers). If this is the case for you, then sales-i could be the answer.

You can access sales insights from your smartphones and get up-to-date information on how each product and account is performing. David Maroun, VP of Sales at San Jamar shares that “With sales-i, I can see exactly where we are doing well and the increased visibility across the business has been a great advantage for us. sales-i itself is the best off-the-shelf tool I have come across.”

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