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Getting your team back on the road.

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After COVID-19: Getting your team back on the road is going to take some creativity and thinking out of the box.

With more than 97% of the U.S. population having experienced a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order, the coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge our resolve.

The latest stats show many states will start opening up around the beginning of May and will restart based on federal guidelines. However, school closures will remain in effect through the end of the academic year.

With factories ramping up, enforcing social distancing between workers is going to be difficult to achieve due to work-space conditions. From plant managers to sales executives the challenges are daunting. Keeping work crews and professional teams healthy and safe will become ongoing issues.


“Ford is testing out a buzzing wristband to help its employees maintain appropriate social distancing.”


Executive leaders are challenged with unanswerable questions like — how do we restart conversations that we had several months ago, what new tools should we adopt, how do we move the business forward, should we release new products or services this year?

Companies that are over-reliant on travel, steak dinner-type interactions are going to struggle. One thing is for sure, getting your team back on the road is going to take some creativity and thinking out of the box.


Reaching remote customers.

Since working from home, many people are discovering remote collaboration tools such as Google Hangouts, DingTalk, WeChat Work, Zoom Video Communications, and how to successfully use them to conduct business and team meetings.

Videoconferencing was already becoming a replacement for face-to-face engagement. The new boom is expanding beyond business usage and now reaching into areas of healthcare, cybersecurity, logistics, telecommunications, and others.


“Eliminate presence pain points and consider presence-free options.”


Digital channels are becoming instrumental in helping sales teams nurture new relationships. Teams working with messaging tools are starting to feel more comfortable as they’re having to rely on them daily to communicate with their team and interact with customers.

This is the time to start leveraging your in-house designers, creative resources to build stronger stories that’ll help engage and offer informative messaging. Start making use of social media since people are spending most of their time online and are probably a lot easier to engage and connect with.



Staying Visible and valuable to your customers.

As sales teams try to restart conversations, start first by asking your customers if they prefer a phone call or their messenger of choice. If your customers prefer other messengers be ready to implement them to ensure 24/7 accessibility. The key is to remain flexible and be willing to use your customer’s preferred communication route and understanding how it works compare to your platform of choice.

You will also need to invest some time and resources into restating the value of your product or service to your customers. Don’t let the benefits of your products and services fall victim to the short-sighted budget slashing that market depressions encourage.


Lured out of lockdown – getting your team back on the road.

Whilst remaining vigilant increased hygiene and social distancing, the pull to restart the economy will require significant additional planning. Turning to technology as an answer to the current challenges is a no-brainer. Firms need to get to grips with embedding new systems into the everyday workplace to speed up a return to profit, ensure the safety of their staff and future proof their business.

The key to ramping up business as a whole is gaining a clear view of how your industry looks right now. What has changed during the lockdown? What should be your first actions as you return to work? How can we get ahead of our competitors now to build a strong pipeline of business for the rest of the year?

To answer these questions your business needs data. Data that you can understand, action, and track to see where your business can make quick wins and gain market share. Sales enablement platforms, such as sales-i, deliver insights fast through dashboards, reports and automated alerts to get your team focussed on the right tasks for right now. Unlock the opportunity that the economic restart offers with data-driven decisions from sales-i.

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