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How to avoid missing out on the top talent in 2021

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TalentTech is a recent addition to our list of outstanding partnerships. Below they set out the key tips for making sure you bring the best talent into your business.

As the world opens up and restrictions of the last 18 months start to ease, we are experiencing a major impact on the recruitment landscape.

Business confidence has returned with gusto, and we are witnessing a sharp increase in organizations scrambling to strengthen their human capital as companies take the opportunity to reshape and strengthen the structures affected over the last year.

At face value, this stampede to hire talent is welcome; however, it comes with its own challenges. The increased competition for new hires is often proving difficult for all involved within the process.

Whilst organizational confidence to hire has increased, this confidence has not transferred into the candidate world and many factors are holding a large percentage of the working population from entering into the current saturated job market.

"Unrealistic candidate expectations and salary packages are costing organizations dearly."

The job market is once again on the rise...

As the active job market hots up, so does the competition for the best candidates - leaving vast numbers of myopic organizations with less than robust recruitment strategies and unable to hire, not only causing immediate gaps in their business structure and roles left unfilled but impacting on the bottom line.

We’re experiencing multiple job offers for strong candidates, an increased volume of counter offers and inflated basic salaries as the battle for top talent increases.

It's evident that the more focused, creative and efficient companies with regard to the recruitment process are the ones that ultimately secure the candidates they desire.

Protracted and delayed interview processes, inflexible interview schedules, unrealistic candidate expectations and salary packages are all costing organizations dearly as their counterparts ensure they are at the forefront.

Here is some advice to bring the best talent to your business:



About TalentTech

TalentTech Recruitment help innovative organizations attract their next recruit. Through our 70 years of Corporate, Executive and Sales recruitment experience we are helping companies attract, assess, onboard and - importantly - retain the very best talent in the most efficient way. Our consultative approach implements the most suitable recruitment strategy to ensure effective and efficient hiring.

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