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4 ways to make the most of your new CRM software.

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Finding the right CRM system for your business is hard enough without having to get to grips with using it in the most efficient way possible once implemented.

Sales software tools differ in their layout, functions, and capabilities – and so making sure that you’ve chosen one that aligns with your specific business needs is important. Once you’ve discovered the right CRM software for you, using it in a way that delivers the best results should be your top priority. Otherwise, what’s the point?


So before we move forward with the ins and outs of using your new CRM software, let’s take a step back. The process of finding the right CRM system, to begin with, is something that needs careful consideration. Try before you buy applies to more than just those free samples in the supermarket, and trialing CRM systems before committing is better than throwing your sales team in at the deep end with a piece of sales software that ends up slowing them down. Let them give you their opinions, and use this feedback from your team to help inform your decisions.


Ensuring that the system you plan on implementing can be easily interpreted by its primary users, as well as across the business as a whole, should always be considered when choosing the right sales software for your team. Top-level usage of your CRM system is one thing, but if it can’t be explained and delivered in detail to those who need to use it, then efficiency levels are never going to improve.


Getting feedback from the primary users after the first few weeks and months of introducing your sales management software is essential to understanding if it has succeeded in streamlining processes and increasing sales as a result. Whether an informal discussion or a strategized scoring system – gleaning true user responses to your chosen sales software early is a vitally important aspect of introducing new software and will let you know if you’re truly making the most of your new investment.


Now that you’ve successfully implemented a new CRM system, maintaining momentum with your sales team is a good way of encouraging them to really explore the best and most efficient ways of using it. You can devise a reward scheme to motivate them to really make the most of the sales of CRM software, offering prizes to the most effective user at the end of each month. With scalable targets to reach, you’ll soon find your sales team becoming more efficient than ever.

Bringing in a new CRM system for your team is a big decision that requires time and effort before making a commitment. Deciding on and introducing your new CRM software in the right way can make the difference between a successful, much more efficient workforce – and a counterproductive step that only causes things to become harder than they were before.


To make things easier for your sales team, explore sales-i’s sales software for manufacturers and distributors and see how processes can become quicker, easier, and more profitable for your business with a new CRM system.

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