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Remaining a team during social distancing.

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Remaining a team during social distancing

An article by Mike Worthington, Customer Success Manager.

Working remotely, away from your co-workers, managers and in-house support team can be a real spanner in your usually smooth-running business machine. Catch ups that should be a quick water cooler chat between counterparts becomes a lengthy email chain or an awkward video chat with each other’s pets and children trying to muscle in on your screen time.

As enjoyable as it is to get a sneak peek inside your colleagues’ kitchen, the reality is that the majority of your company information should be shared, easily accessible and easy to update from any location. Thankfully, that is exactly what sales-i does for our customers.


Accessing data.

Many organizations will be struggling right now with siloed data and a heavy dependence on individuals sharing information, from their unnetworked computer, or worse, memory. Meanwhile, our customers can access their company information easily by logging into our cloud-based SaaS software.

As a sales-i customer, now is the perfect time to take advantage of how sales-i can provide visibility within your business. Visibility of your actions, record updates and use the software to drive communications between departments to ensure all team members are working toward the same goal with the same messaging.


Personalized data.

The personalized system configuration of your sales-i software has been designed to align with your business style of working. This means you save time by having your products, customers and buying groups already categorized for quick reporting on how your business is performing, which means you can respond faster.

For example, a customer service manager can use sales-i to quickly see who has been in touch with a customer and what was discussed by viewing their CRM record card.

We are seeing more support teams utilizing the CRM in sales-i also which means the sales team can see and discuss any issues that may have been raised. It’s all in the CRM!

As a result, they have a relevant opening topic of discussion to begin their call and have all of the contacts previous interactions with your entire business to hand to shape the call.

No calls to the previous owner of the contact for a full history.

No reviewing excel spreadsheet notes, physical papers or old email threads.

Just login and review your one source of information.


Top Team Tip.

A top tip for teams working on multiple accounts together is to use sales-i’s buddy system to allocate tasks to each other to easily communicate the next task due for particular accounts. This means your team has a clear audit trail of what is done and what is outstanding to deliver excellent customer service to your customers – all without leaving sales-i.


Seize opportunities.

Remaining consistent, valuable and relevant in the coming weeks is going to give your business a competitive advantage over those who don’t rise to the challenge. At sales-i, we believe that there are some fantastic opportunities to seize during the current lockdown and eventual recovery period. Using sales-i as your company’s common touchpoint for all of your CRM and sales insight actions will take some of the pain out of remote working, whilst still delivering actionable insights for real data-driven actions to safeguard your business.


What next?

Not confident about how to get the most out of your sales-i system? Or are you just looking to brush up on your skills while you have the chance? Check out the range of free webinars our team has created to help give your company a competitive advantage in this unique situation.

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