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sales-i and Sharp-aX help businesses embrace data-driven selling.

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Wholesalers and distributors across industry will be able to take advantage of rich analytics surrounding their customer buying behaviours, thanks to a new partnership between leading stock control and website systems developer, Sharp-aX and sales software provider, sales-i.

Under the tie up, Sharp-aX customers will now be able to access sales-i’s comprehensive sales enablement platform, which provides users with daily insights on their customer buying patterns, enabling them to make more strategic decisions about their sales strategy and develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships.

Sharp-aX is an innovative computer systems and business development company with a direct focus on ERP software development and B2B SME support for the wholesale and distribution industries across the South East and beyond.

Commenting on the news, Jean Freeman, managing director at Sharp-aX, says:

“Joining forces with sales-i makes complete sense for our business given we share the same focus of working with customers to enhance their business processing efficiency and ultimately, increase their turnover. From our longstanding work with wholesalers and distributors we know there can be significant gains on offer for those with the foresight to embrace data-driven sales and we anticipate strong interest from our customers in what the sales-i platform can deliver, at a time when maximising every sales opportunity counts more than ever.”



Joe Cox, UK head of sales at sales-i added:

“Sharp-aX works with wholesalers and distributors across the UK to help them do better business through practical, strategic technology adoption so we are delighted to have joined forces. All too often, these businesses carry swathes of data on their customer relationships yet frequently fail to adequately collate it, let alone harness it to deliver more strategic selling. In this particularly challenging trading climate, we are seeing more and more businesses look to investigate the benefits of sales enablement software and are relishing the opportunity to work with Sharp-aX customers as they strive to maximise cashflow and developer stronger customer relationships for the long term.”





About Sharp-aX:

Originally established as Ramtac Computer Systems, we sold the Ramtac Company to Intact Ireland in May 2016. As Ramtac, we initially sold Irish ERP products very successfully throughout the UK. In 2008 we wrote and developed the Sharp-aX ERP software and introduced this to our first client siteConnect Electrical in 2010.

The success of the Sharp-aX product continued, and the number of people employed working on the product grew and grew, until in 2016, the sale of the reseller contracts was made back to the original software company,

The sale of Ramtac reseller contracts enabled us – not only to retain our hugely experienced teams of developers, trainers, support analysts and salespeople – but to re-focus the company and invest more heavily in our own Windows based Sharp-aX software &  integrated Web solutions. We believe that we are the only UK Company which has written new ERP software in the past decade.

We take pride in our customers’ growth and successful use of our products and our warm and loyal relationships with them. Since focussing on the Sharp-aX products only, we have enjoyed significant improvements in our responsiveness and levels of customer service as well as introducing new features at a faster rate than was previously possible.

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