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sales-i seals strategic partnership with SSI.

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sales-i has formed a strategic partnership with Systems Solutions Ltd (SSI), a provider of software solutions for distribution businesses.

“sales-i is extending its North American footprint at a rapid pace and has been endorsed by many leading office products companies who are experiencing significant benefits since using our sales performance software. We are delighted to have sealed this strategic partnership and to offer those same sales benefits to our customers.” commented SSI’s Richard Roy. “Our customers have already started to ask us about sales-i as its market profile is very high right now, so we view this partnership as very timely and full of potential.”

SSI has been providing business automation solutions to office products dealers of all sizes since 1980. Its core system uses the latest technology and is built using the Linux operating system. Databases are written with MySQL and Java is the foundation of its graphical interface; all delivering on the promise of dependable, reliable and stable business solutions.

“SSI is an important partnership for us and one that can leverage a lot of benefit to our joint customers,” added sales-i’s Kevin McGirl. “The company’s product portfolio has a solid and very dependable reputation and this is endorsed by many happy and long-term customers. We are looking forward to expanding this partnership and making it a real success.”

About Systems Solutions Limited

The SSI team has been providing computer solutions to the lumber and hardware, office products, heavy truck, construction and forest industries throughout North America since 1980. SSI offers systems to accommodate small and large businesses. Its solutions are modular in design, allowing customers to expand their systems to meet their growing needs. SSI’s extensive experience allows its clients to realize the maximum benefits possible in the daily operation of computer management information systems.

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