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Sell More Beer 101 Pt.3.

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Hello again, and thank you for joining me for the final installment of our series ‘Sell More Beer 101’. Up to now, we have established that you need an excellent beer, outstanding knowledge of your product, created a unique brand, delved into social media, and have maximized the value of your employees as advocates of your brand.

My previous blog article on excellent beer can be found here, and the blog about how you can create a unique brand can be found here.

To complete the series, we now turn our attention to the value of you. This starts with how you create your beer, your work ethos, and your atmosphere. We then turn our attention to how you sell your products build and maintain constructive relationships with customers.

 6. Show your face

Never underestimate the power of meeting up with customers. Also, make sure you show the people involved in creating your beer in all your communications. This applies to both your B2B customers and end users.

Want to know if you are on the right track with your product and how your brand is perceived? Don’t waste your customer’s valuable time asking for anecdotal evidence – go straight to the source and ask your regular drinkers. Use that social media following you have grown or go to the pubs. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!

7. Break The Sales Mould

Maintaining strong relationships with your B2B customers is essential to up-selling and cross-selling. What can be easily forgotten is the opportunity to listen to your customer’s requirements and challenges that every sales call and face-to-face visit provides. Nothing is more valuable than being able to know how to make your customers happy and, therefore, more likely to continue to buy from you. Showing that you listen and respond to their challenges will add value when sales and profit margins are stretched.

You don’t need to wait to hear from your customers that their spending habits have changed with sales-i. With our business intelligence, you can create alerts that run daily to alert you to drops in financial spend and/ or specific products.


Spend Mix Analysis on sales-i

The Spend Mix Analysis feature allows you to benchmark one customer’s spend against that of all of your customers. The average line shows the combined average of sales across all of your customers for each product or product group over a year period. This highlights areas of potential for up-selling and cross-selling, which will inform your next sales conversation.

As shown on the left, you can see products where they are purchasing more or less than your average customer.

Finding out that your customer isn’t buying a product from you, or are they buying from a competitor? Being proactive about how to win back this business will contribute to increasing your sales to existing customers.

The Spend Mix Analysis is also a fantastic tool for seeing where your customers excel. If one customer is selling more of one beer than anyone else, you should ask how they are doing it. If you could advise others on how to boost their sales not only will you be selling more beer, but they will be making more money thanks to your help. Who wouldn’t love their supplier for that?

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