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TriMega launches new program with sales-i.

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sales-i has today signed a strategic partnership agreement with TriMega Purchasing Association, that will enable its independent office supplies dealers to benefit from customer buying behavior know-how via email and text messaging on laptops and cell phones resulting in more intelligent, profitable selling. TriMega members will get a first opportunity to see sales-i in action at TriMega’s National Convention & Tradeshow, Focus 2009 in Florida next week.

sales-i is a unique sales enablement and CRM system that streamlines and accelerates sales people, sales processes and sales figures. By carefully monitoring customer behavior and purchasing patterns, sales-i discovers and analyzes precisely when, why, where and how businesses buy their products and services, transforming this knowledge into qualified, targeted, high-quality, sales opportunities. These opportunities are then express-delivered to desk and field-based salespeople via automatic text and email alerts. sales-i is delivered on-demand via the web with a monthly fee so no need for software installation or downloads. The TriMega and sales-i relationship will bring these tools to TriMega members at a special member rate structure.

“Now more than ever, office supplies dealers recognize the critical need to sell smarter,” commented Michael Morris, TriMega’s Vice President of Marketing. “And for the past year, I’ve heard from more and more members about sales-i and how it has made a real impact on their sales performance. sales-i has demonstrated its ability to deliver results for dealers and TriMega is very excited to be able to bring their customer intelligence service to our members,” he concluded.

sales-i is already transforming the sales success of many US office products companies including a number of TriMega members such as Firmin’s, American Office Products, Kramer & Leonard, Garvey’s Office Products, B.F. Molz, Manning’s, Preferred Office Products and Midwest Office Supply. Here’s what a few are saying about sales-i.

Midwest Office Supply

Speaking of his sales team’s reaction to sales-i Steve DeMarco, managing partner at Midwest Office Supply comments, “Sales people have a hunger for data. Accurate and timely data is a tool which helps them sell more. If data is easy to find and accessible from a laptop or a mobile device which they are already use, the tool is much more effective. This is exactly how our sales team has reacted to sales-i. They love it and can drill down endlessly to whatever detail they need.” Steve continues, “sales-i is what we have been waiting for at Midwest for a long time and it is already making a big and very visible impact on our sales.”

Chicago Office Products Company

“What first caught my attention was that sales-i is integrated into DDMS, that it is available on cell phones and Blackberries and that it provides instant visibility of customer buying behavior, alerting sales reps and sales manager to any changes allowing them to act accordingly. A closer look revealed that is also offers rather cool CRM functionality and interfaces with programs like Outlook and Google Maps. What’s more it is very affordable, too.” Kenneth Henderson, President, COPCO

Newtown Office Supply

Newtown Office Supply has reportedly cut its month-end sales report production from 8 hours to 5 minutes using sales-i. Norman White comments, “I have no doubt that there is ‘gold’ to be found in our sales information, it’s just a question of knowing where to look. The sales alert system alone will justify our investment in sales-i.”

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with TriMega’s 585+ member dealerships to accelerate their sales and customer intelligence and deliver real, substantive sales opportunities,” added sales-i cofounder Kevin McGirl. “Nearly thirty members are already working with us and we look forward to meeting many more at the convention next week. We have worked closely with TriMega to create an offer specially designed for member dealers and we look forward to unveiling that at Focus 2009 and attracting many new members on board with sales-i.”

About TriMega

The TriMega Purchasing Association is a not-for-profit member-owned buying group serving office products dealers nationwide. The group helps its more than 585 members profit through group purchasing, rebate negotiation and tracking, the production of quality marketing materials and information sharing through networking and education at various TriMega events.

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