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Buyer's Guide:
Choosing the Right Business Intelligence System

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If you want to buy a business intelligence (BI) system for your business, you need to download our buyer's guide to help support your decision-making. If you need help determining whether you need a business intelligence tool, we'd suggest reading this blog as well.


Using Business Intelligence Software to identify new opportunities.

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In this impartial guide, we break down what some see as a complex purchasing decision into six critical areas for you to think about:

1. Why do I need business intelligence?

We outline four classic use cases where a business might need BI to support growth. Plus, a helpful exercise you and your senior team can undertake to help identify your business needs.

2. Who needs it?

In this section, we help you determine which teams within your business might need access to a BI platform and what they might use these insights for. This work will be a crucial consideration for any BI tool business case as it will impact how many users are needed and what actions they can perform or access they need.

3. What kind of BI do I need?

Not all BI tools are the same. In our free guide, we help you to understand the three main types of BI, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each type—helpful information with some food for thought.

4. What do they need?

Have you identified what your teams need from a BI platform? We provide five questions you need to know the answers to build your BI requirements document.

5. When do they need it?

Introducing any new piece of software into a business will require some planning. As you might expect by now, we've given you some key areas to consider that will impact how long it will take to implement BI software.

6. How will it be hosted?

The final section in our guide focuses on hosting. We'll help you understand the differences between software-as-a-service (SaaS) versus on-premise, along with the pros and cons of each hosting option, plus an exercise for you to follow and six key steps to follow.

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