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Using B.I to identify new opportunities.

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Business Intelligence (BI) data can help companies of all sizes, from all industries, to maximize their profit, efficiency, offering and more – if used correctly.

Implement it in the right way, and Business Intelligence software can provide your business with solutions to existing problems, as well as highlighting potential new opportunities. The speed at which Business Intelligence software analyzes data means that real-time, informed decisions can be made in order to achieve effective results.

So, how can you use Business Intelligence software to identify new opportunities across your business? Treat it like your friend.

Making reactive decisions.

Business Intelligence software is the friend who used to do all your homework for you. Using BI allows you to glean a mass volume of information in a short space of time, providing you with all the information you need to then make effective decisions based on that data. The rate at which internal data is produced means that instant decisions can be made from the analysis, allowing for direct, calculable impacts. BI does all the hard work, while you get to make all the important decisions.

Save time.

The ability to automate data also means that many laborious jobs can now be made easy. Step forward, the friend who provided you with answers before the test. BI software can automatically collate and provide data that might currently require hours of company time to gather. Copying and pasting data, performing calculations and generating reports that provide all the necessary information can take hours of your team’s time. Automate that process with BI, and that time can be better spent on more valuable tasks.

Gain valuable customer insight.

Remember that friend who had all the gossip on anyone who was anyone? Business Intelligence does exactly that, except on a much larger scale. The sheer intelligence of BI means that it can recognize patterns in customer behavior that can offer you the insight you need to keep them happy. Buying habits, likes, dislikes and more can all inform businesses how to best approach their next sales strategy. Are there some products that need a push, others that need an immediate restock? Is there a potential new product or service that you don’t yet offer at all? Detailed customer data means you can match your offering to the needs of the customer – getting it right, every time.



Cut costs.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have a friend that could always get you the best deal on your favourite candy, then now’s the time to make up for it. Business Intelligence tools can analyze data and identify opportunities for decision makers about where costs can be cut, and money can be saved. From comparing current spend and volumes to actual usage on everything from inventory to time allocation, Business Intelligence services outline possible opportunities where it is more beneficial to cut costs than to keep spending, and who doesn’t love saving money?

Improve efficiency.

The final friend is the one who always had the right advice, at the right time, (and probably the same one who advised against cheating on all those tests). Business Intelligence software has the ability to manage your inventory in a smart and efficient way, triggering automatic reorders when necessary to ensure that you’re always stocked up, and that the supply chain keeps moving. Using Business Intelligence for stock replenishment allows for a more efficient ordering system, ensuring that you maintain stock levels at an appropriate level. Allow your system to take control and provide peace of mind for your employees.

Learn how to utilize your business intelligence system and your business can begin to reap the rewards. From efficiency to profitability, making smart decisions to identify new opportunities for change within your business is simple with business intelligence.

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