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Epicor ERP integration.

Combine your Epicor data with sales-i.

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About Epicor ERP Integration


About Epicor ERP Integration

A single end-to-end software solution for business, Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning is available on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness.

Taiga Building Products , Epicor Bistrack

"Our data is downloaded from our Epicor BisTrack ERP overnight and we get the data we’re looking for very quickly in sales-i rather than running through our ERP which can be quite time-consuming. One of the best technology investments you can make."

Taiga Building Products
Epicor Bistrack

Leverage greater results from your Epicor investment.

Leverage greater results from your Epicor investment.

Combine your Epicor sales data with sales-i and we’ll give you information that your sales team can action to improve your sales performance.

Why your Epicor system needs sales-i

  • Maximize revenue with simple dashboards that present powerful analytics in an easy format
  • Speed up meeting prep, call planning and contact management. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Never miss a sales opportunity with powerful alerts delivered to your smartphone or tablet.

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