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Why CRM is Changing the Way We Do Business.

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CRM is changing the way we do business, it's the obvious choice for modernizing customer data collection and bringing business processes into the 21st Century.

As anyone can see, technology has changed the way people interact with one another. But it hasn’t just impacted human connection – it’s changed the way we go about everyday processes and changed our priorities.

This change has been especially noticeable in the business world. Companies are interacting with customers in different ways, and collecting data has become an increasingly important task. However, business in general is often slow to adapt to changes – just look at how many people still list their fax number in their email signature. While many companies know they need a better way to collect customer information, the majority don’t know where to start.

Mobile Is Better

Enter customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM is the obvious choice for modernizing customer data collection and bringing business processes into the 21st Century. According to a survey conducted by Nucleus Research, CRM offers more than $8 for every $1 spent. Because of this impressive ROI, many companies are turning to software, increasing the market to $24 billion in 2017.

While it’s clear CRM tools are bringing major benefits to the business that implements them, not all CRM software is created equal. Employees are increasingly using mobile devices to complete their work, and they want the programs they use in their jobs to carry over to mobile as well. According to technology service provider Syntonic, 87 percent of organizations rely on their employees to use their mobile devices to access business applications. The earlier Nucleus Research study also found that sales reps with access to their CRM platform on their mobile device saw productivity increase by nearly 15 percent.

CRM and ERP: Meant To Be

Another feature that sets CRM platforms apart is the ability to integrate with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. While CRM handles the information necessary for salesforce automation (SFA), ERPs deal with finance and factory planning. They handle the two biggest portions of most businesses and having them work together is ideal. Many companies attempt to solve this problem by pulling reports from one software or the other and poring over spreadsheets. But new technology has eliminated the need for tedious reports and spreadsheets.

CIO Magazine columnist David Taber explained it in a recent article. “If your company is large enough to need an accounting package – and let’s face it, that’s everybody – it is large enough to need basic integration with your SFA system. In this era of cloud computing, there’s not much of an excuse for using spreadsheets for this integration.”

Being able to have both customer and financial information in one system creates a program that is not only easier to use, but more secure. Sensitive data is no longer stored across multiple, vulnerable systems, decreasing the likelihood of a ‘successful’ cyberattack.

When shopping for a CRM system, companies will be the most successful if they choose one that is accessible on mobile devices and has the ability to integrate with their ERP. The award-winning software from sales-i meets both of those qualifications, while also offering a business intelligence tool to help bring sales teams to the next level.

Interested in learning more? Find out how sales-i has helped other companies improve efficiency and accelerate revenue by reading our case studies. Or schedule a free demonstration and find out what sales-i can do for your business.

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