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Procede ERP integration.

Combine your Procede data with sales-i.

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About Procede Software.

Since 2001, Procede Software has been a leading developer of enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) software using Microsoft® tools and providing advanced Windows® and browser based applications to dealerships.

With the industry leading Excede DMS solution, Procede Software offers a flexible environment, logical data access, and seamless integration between manufacturers, dealers, and dealership customers, significantly improving overall dealer operational efficiency.

Get the most out of your Excede data.

Excede need not be confined solely to your finance department.

There are sales opportunities just sitting there waiting to be found. Luckily sales-i is the tool to do just that.

Combine your Excede data with sales-i and we’ll give you information that your sales team can action to improve your sales performance.

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Use Procede Software ERP? Take a look at sales-i.

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