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sales-ai vs sales-i

Our ambition has always been to provide manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale organizations with simple, effective data analytics and CRM insight to sell smart every day.

With the release of our brand new sales-ai sales enablement platform, which uses AI to unlock additional value, we'll take that ambition to the next level to make a lasting, positive impact on your sales performance.

This page explains some of the changes you need to know when moving your team from sales-i to sales-ai. If you have questions about moving to sales-ai, talk to your customer success manager for more info.



Whatever the size of your sales team, both platforms provide a robust solution for sales data analytics and CRM that can scale to match the pace of your sales growth goals.

Differences are seen in how the platforms are built, and how that contributes to performance and actionable insights. This page helps you understand these differences so you can be confident about shifting to sales-ai.

AI and predictive analytics.

Apart from being much easier to use, sales-ai makes use of artificial intelligence (AI). So it automatically alerts users of high-impact up-sell, cross-sell and link sale opportunities without any manual input.

You can still find the insights that you've come to expect from sales-i, with the ability to look at sales data and past customer behaviours, except now that comes with the ability to look to the future as well. Using predictive analytics sales-ai will feed insights to users to highlight likely revenue opportunities coming up that drive profitable conversations.

How sales-ai helps time-poor sales teams be more productive.

Sometimes you just want some quick numbers for comparison. Here's how fast sales-ai is for common tasks:

To get a snapshot report in sales-i is 7 clicks.
sales-ai does that in 1 click!

In sales-i accessing a customer profile requires 6 clicks.
sales-ai has that down to 3 clicks.

With sales-i, adding an opportunity takes 7 clicks.
But with sales-ai it's only 4 clicks.

Switching from sales-i to sales-ai.

When the time comes, our dedicated Data Operations and Customer Success teams are here to help you confidently move your team to sales-ai, with minimal disruption to your business.

We do all the heavy lifting to move your data and activity history across so you can start taking advantage of the new, better platform - one that will scale with you for years to come.

How sales-ai gives you the edge

Sell smart every day with AI.

Our sales enablement software has evolved. sales-ai now brings the power of AI to your salespeople.

sales-ai delivers customer, product and people data insights, along with personalized recommendations designed to drive revenue growth with minimal effort from you, the user. Our AI algorithms dig into your data, study the sales patterns and suggest both missed and potential future opportunities so you can grow revenue. All you’re left to do is execute the perfect sales call.

What makes the process accelerate your sales is that you don’t have to spend hours setting up alerts or reports, it works away in the background, digging in and returning something you can use.

sales-i has always been a robust platform with powerful features. But as the technology around us developed, we realized that the technology driving your sales team needs to be updated as well. With AI, we’ve turbo-charged the platform.

Sell smart with AI

Fast and customizable.

The customization you've always enjoyed in sales-i is now better in sales-ai, with more options for user roles and permissions, and fewer steps to set it up. 

sales-ai loads faster and is more reliable - no more frustrating waiting around for reports to load. The improvement in performance will be especially noticeable for enterprise customers with large numbers of users (100s) who use the software every day. 

There’s also the ability to change the stages for Opportunities, along with more advanced user roles and permissions. So sales-ai can adapt to the way your team works and deliver your customer pipeline. 

sales-i has always been flexible. We've just added to that because our goal is to make it effortless to understand the key sales and CRM data you need to sell smart every day.

More customizable
Matrix reports for data analytics.

sales-ai now gives you access to Matrix reports in the pre-built data enquiries. You have more power to slice and dice your data, the way you like it. And the capability of plotting any of your data metrics along an X and Y axis to visualize trends and uncover new insights.

Matrix reports has been one of the most highly requested features by our users, to help surface insights that drive profitable customer conversations. And it’s here in sales-ai.

With sales-i, we’ve always aimed to add value with simple, effective data analytics that makes every customer interaction profitable and worthwhile.

Matrix reports

Same experience in the office or on the road.

sales-ai now looks and behaves the same, no matter which device you're working on, making it super simple to access key data anywhere, anytime.

We found that sometimes, going from the desktop version to the smartphone version out on the road meant users couldn’t always locate their preferred features. So, our improved, same-across-all-devices look and feel means you can locate everything straight away.

Seasoned sales-i users know how the software looked in the office was very different to how it looked on your cell phone. That sometimes made it harder to remember how something worked on one screen compared to another one. So now we’ve fixed that.

trends on mobile and desktop

Intelligence for every level of the business.

From the sales rep to the senior business leader, sales-ai enables you to sell smarter, with greater sales tracking and reporting capability designed to improve your sales performance.

It has even more to offer every level of the business with sales data for individual, team, and business KPI improvements. So whether you're a salesperson or sales leader, you'll see the data analytics and CRM insights at the level you need.


My sales-ai dashboard.

sales-ai is designed for salespeople and sales leaders alike to quickly access the insights they care about most, all in one place, via the new My-sales-ai screen.

Tracking progress towards your customized targets is simple, plus accessing saved enquiries on Customers, Products or People is effortless. Additionally, all your scheduled sales interactions for the day are immediately visible along with the corresponding Snapshot business reviews in just 1 click, so you are fully prepared to sell more in every sales call.

sales-i has always given you the insights and info you need, but often requires multiple clicks around the software to get it.

My day screen, test image

Lasting, positive impact on sales performance.

sales-ai is built to be future-proof, with new features and essential customer requests quickly developed and made available. So, you can rest assured you will always be ahead of the pack when it comes to sales data analytics and CRM insights.


When it comes to pricing for the sales-ai platform we've kept things simple! There are no changes to the way our software is priced and paid which is one less thing to think about. Of course, if you do have any questions then contact your Customer Success Manager.


“sales-i allows us to easily identify where opportunities lie and when problems are beginning to arise so we can be there for the right customer, at the right time, with the right products.”

Georgina Morley
National Account Manager at Bancroft Wines

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