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Sales Intelligence

Actionable insights that help you to sell smarter.

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    What does our sales analytics software do

    How can sales intelligence help your business?

    If you have got large volumes of products (or SKUs) that are being sold into a significant number of customers, sales intelligence can help you make sense of, and draw insights from, your sales data. That's where we believe sales-i can boost your sales performance like no other.

    What sales intelligence can do is to identify relationships between individual products, or product groups. For example, within automotive, there will be clear relationships between brake discs, brake pads, and calipers. They're all part of a braking system. But equally, there could be relationships between different products that aren't so obvious, and that is where the power of sales intelligence comes in.

    Our sales intelligence reports will show you which customers have not bought all of those related products. Actionable cross-sell reports within the click of a button. That's just one of the scenarios where sales-i an help you sell more.

    Even better, you don't need to wait for another team to generate them for you. 

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    How does Sales Intelligence work?

    sales-i uses a combination of machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand historical sales performance in order to predict future sales performance. It does this by mapping the strength of relationship between different individual products. 

    Sales reporting made easy

    Sales insights made easy

    Get everything you need at the click of a button

    Delve into your sales data with ease and discover our easy-to-understand reports. You can use these reports to easily spot red flags and gain actionable insight into your sales. so you can take action.

    See the sales values of all your customer on one screen, discover the top products being sold and when, and identify selling trends or variance reports.

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    Want to find out more about our sales analytics software?

    Features of our sales-i that supports sales intelligence

    Find out more about all of the unique features of our sales analytics platform, and discover how it can help you. 



    Get the information you need for each customer account auto-generated every day.



    Mine your data to uncover sales opportunities, key financials, and overall performance. 

    Campaign Icon

    Campaign Manager

    Account alerts from your set criteria. E.g: who has bought bacon but not eggs this month?



    Generate in-depth sales reports in seconds that have all the information you need.


    iOS and Android apps

    Always out on the road? No problem with our native iOS and Android applications.



    Track, monitor and stay on top of your sales targets on the move, no matter where you are.

    Who can use our software?

    Our sales analytics software is designed to be easy to use so that anyone can. sales-i is designed for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale salespeople to be able to use.

    For different roles (1)

    For different roles

    Sales managers will be able to get a full overview of all your sales, and your reps will rely on sales-i for all their day-to-day selling.

    For different business sizes

    For different business sizes

    Whether you’re a team of 5 or 500, our sales analytics software can help you and your sales team work better and sell smarter.

    For different sectors

    For different sectors

    Lots of different manufacturing and distribution sectors benefit from our software, from electrical to flooring, and everything in between.

    “Because we had access to sales-i, we knew that we could use the Campaigns functionality to do the hard work for us before it became a struggle to manage.”

    Joe Wille
    Sales Director at Raja UK

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