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Industrial supply sales enablement & CRM solutions

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Nail those sales meetings and grow your profits with sales-i.

Cross-sell with ease

Salespeople already have a long list of tasks to tick off before the day ends, therefore sifting through endless amounts of data to spot cross-sell opportunities such as ‘Who is buying nuts but not bolts?’ isn’t an efficient use of their time. Let sales-i do the hard work and instantly answer these questions so you don’t have to.

Get instant insight

Being in the industrial sector, it’s easy to lose track of thousands of customer accounts and ever changing extensive catalogue of products, but with sales-i, you can be confident you will always have visibility of all areas of the business. Access all of your valuable data in one easy-to-use and actionable system.

Track and manage trends

Get alerts when your customer purchasing behavior changes or stops altogether, which will help you prevent the risk of churn before it’s too late.

Know your business inside out.

Know your business
inside out.

With an extensive range of industrial supplies being delivered to customers near and far, you need the right industrial software to help you monitor the sales performance of individual products, whilst maximizing your sales revenue.

With sales-i, you can instantly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that boost your margin with minimum effort and maximum results.

With an increased level of insight into sales performance, you’ll be able to see what your customers have, haven’t and should be buying from you. From here, you’re able to use this information to reach out and offer a personalized offer tailored to their business based on their purchasing behavior.

Never fear your competition.

Never fear your competition.

Competitive pressures are just a way of life, but with sales-i, you’re able to predict future spending habits based on their current buying behavior.

Did they once order nuts, bolts, screws and nails from you, but are now just ordering nuts and bolts?

Having access to this type of data gives you the opportunity to be pro-active and contact your customers to further investigate the reasoning behind the changes. You are then able to understand what immediate steps you can take to retain them as a customer.

John Lowery, Regional Operations Manager at Posner Industries

"sales-i is simply brilliant. Reports that would’ve previously taken nearly an hour to complete are ready in just a few seconds. Drilling down deeper into issues is infinitely faster and easier as well."

John Lowery
Regional Operations Manager at Posner Industries

Utilize customer information.

customer information.

Eliminate outdated spreadsheets with obsolete customer information from your business and take advantage of a smart sales enablement solution that effectively delivers detailed and accurate data straight to your chosen device; be confident anywhere,

With the ability to update on the go, you can share customer information across your organization to ensure a streamlined and knowledgeable way of working.

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