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5 ways to retain your customers

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Your business is more than just a product or service; it’s about people too. The way you treat people is important for customer retention because, at the end of the day, people do business with people.

Nothing can replace a positive impression and building strong relationships. Think about it, if you were to go to the fanciest restaurant in town and all the staff treated you poorly, would you go back?

Bad news travels faster than good news, so what can you do to create a positive impression and keep hold of your customers that bit longer? Here are five tips to give you a helping hand.

Excel at customer intimacy

According to a report published by The Economist, the number of CEOs who say their primary focus is to excel at customer intimacy has risen by 76% over the last three years. The reason for this surge is that CEOs are recognizing that their customers are communicating in new ways and their companies need to adapt to this new environment.

By becoming accepted and known as a regular supplier with your customer will mean it’s more difficult for them to change. The more time you invest, the greater the benefits you’ll receive.

Understand your customer needs

While you may offer a huge range of products or a variety of consulting services, it’s most likely your customer doesn’t need them all. By understanding your customers pain points and goals and delivering a product or service specifically to help ease them will propel you to a consultation relationship rather than just being a supplier.

If you start to oversell, your customer will soon realize that the ancillary services you’re delivering may not impact their bottom line and will ultimately jeopardize your relationship.

Set expectations and communicate timescales

Your proposal should always describe your service clearly and how it will be delivered. By setting up initial expectations your customer will understand exactly how you plan to deliver your service. Both parties will know what to expect of each other and in turn will build a stronger relationship.

Never over promise, only over deliver

The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to make a promise and not deliver it. Creating even a slight doubt in your customers mind will make it almost impossible to regain their trust. Keep your deliverables realistic and if you can go above and beyond, you will only improve their trust further.

Build relationships with more than one person

Wherever possible, try to build relationships with multiple people. If others know you personally and can see the value you bring to their business, the more likely they are to continue with your service. Plus if your main contact leaves the company or changes job role, you’ll be in a much stronger position to retain their business.

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