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7 reasons why not using customer analytics is losing you leads.

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There’s nothing quite like having a deal in the palm of your hands only to see it slip away.

Whether it’s due to poor website set up or a tired sales approach, exactly that happens to your leads as you unintentionally lose them and potentially see them go with the competition.

Use customer intelligence tools correctly and you can not only learn where the most common exit points are, but also gain insight into why it’s happening.

Once you’ve got the why, you can come up with a solution. So, exactly why are you losing leads? Here are 7 common reasons.

Your set up.

  • 1. You aren’t mobile friendly

If you’re not mobile-friendly by now, you’re missing out. With a large proportion of all online searches coming through mobile rather than desktop, any site that isn’t mobile responsive risks putting users off and sending them to the competition.

Using customer analytics to see which devices customers are using to enter your site will let you know the volume of your mobile traffic, showing you just how profitable a mobile-responsive design could be for your business.

  • 2. You have bad calls-to-action

Whether boring, inconsistent or just misleading, a bad call-to-action is where you can fail at the final hurdle. It’s like serving up a perfectly baked brownie and plating it up with ketchup instead of vanilla ice cream – it just doesn’t work, it’s confusing, and customers don’t know what to do next. Your CTAs need to be clear and to the point, not offering too many options but also not being too vague. Customer intelligence solutions allow you to analyse where users enter and exit – and if you’re failing at the same hurdle every time, it’s time to throw out the ketchup.

  • 3. You have no lead capture

Not having lead capture is like dropping bait in the middle of an ocean full of hungry fish and forgetting to bring the net with you. No one wants to be that guy. You can see all the potential but you can’t do anything with it.

If your analytics is showing high levels of traffic but your customer insight software can’t tell you anything meaningful about those visitors, valuable prospect information is being lost on a daily basis. Without information, leads can’t be pursued, which means you’ve lost another potential customer. Invest in a good net and start capturing those leads properly.

  • 4. You don’t segment your data

You’re hosting a party. You know some people like lemonade, some like cola, and a few like orangeade. You’ve even got the odd cream soda fan. Armed with this knowledge, you still walk out with a full tray of each drink, handing them out to everyone.

That’s a lot of content being distributed going to the wrong person each time – and that’s what you’re doing with your email lists. Segmenting your buyer personas into specific fields is one of the best ways to tailor what you’re sending out – so the only recipients of your content are the ones that actually want it.

Good customer insight software allows you to understand the core values of your customers and give them only what they want, so you can stop handing out lemonade to the committed cola fans.

Your reponse.

  • 5. Too slow…

Timing is everything, you know that. So why did you leave it 48 hours to contact that lead?

The nature of the world we live in today means information is accessible at an incredible rate – which, unfortunately for you, also means that leads will expect responses sooner rather than later.

The longer you leave it, the less interested they become, so use your customer intelligence to your advantage and make contact before they’ve even closed your web page from their browser.

  • 6.…too fast

Making contact is just the beginning, and you’re still far from being able to call that lead a prospect. The art of persuasion is a delicate one, and if you push too much, too fast – you can put off potential leads.

Use your customer intelligence tools to understand who the customer is and how much information they require. Nurture them into the position you want them to be in by letting them ask you for what they want, rather than telling them what they need.

  • 7. Too much!

Knowing your own capabilities is essential to providing the best possible service – and having too many leads is only going to result in a lack of effort or a lack of service completely.

Manage your time efficiently so that you can turn every possible lead into a prospect. Customer intelligence empowers you to do just that, by providing the insights you need to prioritise your leads in terms of who’s ready to convert now – and who needs a little longer before you reach out to them.

Quality over quantity works every time – so spend more time on less leads – and just be confident that they’re the right ones to pursue right now.

Using customer intelligence solutions to their best ability is an easy and effective way of improving your sales. Use the tips above to stop losing those leads. Find out more with CRM Integration from sales-i

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