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Leading independent lumber and building materials distributor gets a hand up on the competition with the help of sales-i.

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Established in 1940, Amerhart has been using sales-i since 2014 to achieve impressive growth targets.

  • Used sales-i since 2014
  • 7 locations throughout the Midwest
  • Established in 1940

The Overview.

Since setting up shop back in 1940, Amerhart has become one of the largest independently owned lumber and building materials distributors in the United States. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company has provided top-quality materials and outstanding service levels to its diverse customer base for three-quarters of a century.

The business now has 7 locations throughout the Midwest and today, Amerhart employs a 75-strong sales operation.

The Challenge.

The building materials and lumber industry is one where competition can be incredibly fierce, with new suppliers appearing almost daily. This was something that Amerhart’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Dave Destiche, was all too aware of: “There’s always someone with a better price and it was getting difficult for our salespeople to come up with a response to that, especially on the spot in front of a customer.”

As the company set itself further growth targets for the year ahead, Amerhart sought to overcome the inherent challenges that come with a highly competitive industry. So they looked to new technology to help them bolster their year-on-year growth.


The Solution.

“We were initially only looking for a CRM system, but sales-i showed us a completely different avenue of how we could maintain our relationships with our customers,” says Dave. It was in early 2014 that the team at Amerhart first discovered sales-i and Dave was convinced of the benefits the system would bring to his team.

“We saw a demo of sales-i and I thought that the ability to take data from our existing ERP and turn that into an informative sales and presentation tool to give to our customers would be invaluable. It was an easy decision to select sales-i over any other system.”

"We hope to grow our sales to $230 million this year and, as a salesperson, sales-i gives us a hand up on everybody else."


Dave Destiche, VP Sales and Marketing

The Results.

“Having the ability to pull up important data that the team can use to deliver key information to a customer to solidify their business in two or three clicks is huge. That’s part of the reason we were so impressed with sales-i.”

As the team at Amerhart continues to uncover the power of sales-i, the feedback from the salespeople has been nothing but positive.

“The ability to distribute information between our sales, marketing and management teams is great. It is very easy to pull data out of sales-i and start a sales game plan,” says Dave.

The Future.

With the help of sales-i, the team at Amerhart is enjoying the customer insight that the system is providing. This level of information is allowing them to surpass their customers’ expectations and further expand their business.

“We hope to grow our sales to $230 million this year and, as a salesperson, sales-i gives us a hand up on everybody else,” concludes Dave.

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