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Auto-Wares uses sales-i to spot falling sales and new opportunities, to monitor trends and act fast on all of these insights.

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Founded in 1976, Auto-Wares is in their 44th year of business and is now recognized as the best local parts distributor in the region.

  • 44 years in business
  • $8,500 from one sales call with support from sales-i
  • 1,200,000 products

The Overview.

Auto-Wares Group of Companies is a family-owned automotive business operated across Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan, with values focused on providing a full range of automotive aftermarket parts and delivering exceptional customer service.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, with 175 company-owned retail store locations and 13 distribution centres, the independent, full-service parts distributor has earned many long-term customers who continue to support the business month after month, with customers, employees and vendors becoming true business partners and advocates of the company.

The Challenge.

When a company experiences rapid growth, its external sales team often needs to expand with it. The challenge was providing each salesperson with up-to-date sales information that they could use instantly, and from wherever they were located.

Shelly Miller, Director of Sales Development states that: “We wanted to assist them in making their sales presentations to stay two steps ahead of our competition. We needed something that identified losses and opportunities while keeping our team connected to customer information around the clock.”

Auto-Wares use sales-i to spot new sales opportunities and monitor sales trends

The Solution.

As the Auto-Wares team began their search for a solution, they discovered sales-i. “It gives us everything we need to spot falling sales and new opportunities, to monitor trends and act fast on all of these insights before they have an adverse impact,” Shelley says.

“Ultimately, our sales team has more time – time that can be spent making better planned, focused calls with defined talking points. All in all, this means we are making more sales and business is going from strength to strength. Not to mention that both internal and external sales teams at Auto-Wares now have access to up-to-date information within an instant, rather than having to dig through Excel spreadsheets to find the data they need. sales-i helps us to be more productive with the time we are saving.”

"Ultimately, our sales team has more time. All in all, this means we are making more sales and business is going from strength to strength."


Shelly Miller, Director of Sales Development 

The Results.

Since introducing sales-i to the business, Auto- Wares has seen an outstanding increase in sales wins, from both boosting sales to recovering slipping business. Shelly shared that a member of her sales team “made a couple of face to face customer calls after drilling down into two of our customers’ buying habits”, she continues by adding the salesperson “made a presentation and left with sales worth over $8,500!”

Shelly also reports that a second salesperson in her team has managed to save a large account from switching their loyalties to the competition. “He used the Leakage report to find an account that was substantially down in a particular product group. A quick call and a small pricing adjustment saved the business and they are now back buying from us.”

The Future.

“Overall, we have a happier, better run company with sales-i and our employees have more family time in the evenings away from doing their reporting at night.”

Auto-Wares already has a plan in place for the year ahead with sales-i: “We really want to lay out a calendar of promotions using the sales data and trends available in sales-i to co-ordinate them and track the results”, Shelly shares. She plans to start using the system to design exclusive customer offers to gain sales and investigate any underperforming product lines.

“The team at sales-i have been exceptional; their ongoing support and training has been great and together, I see a long-term partnership unfolding. They constantly seek to improve their product and consistently deliver to meet our needs as a company.”

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