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Bancroft Wines.

Wine distributor Bancroft uses sales-i to save time on sales analysis and help exceed sales targets.

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Bancroft Wines is a UK based wine importer and distributor that specialise in representing small, family-run wineries from around the world.

  • €30K secured for a key customer in Aug 2020
  • 30% growth since implementing sales-i
  • £11.5M turnover in 2019

The Overview.

Providing fine wine to over 14 countries and over 120 different award-winning wineries, Bancroft boasts an enviable portfolio of sommelier-sought wines.

Bancroft Wines was founded by Adam Bancroft 30 years ago, shortly after he qualified as a Master of Wine. The business has now shifted to a more sustainable and eco- friendly environment, with organic practices and charitable projects. Bancroft’s commitment is to honour the legacies of Adam Bancroft and new owner, Peter De Haan, through the careful selection of producers they work with and the wine they offer to the UK.

The Challenge.

Georgina Morley, National Account Manager, shares that “before sales-i, we were relying on spreadsheet exports from our Vintner Systems order processing and stock management programme. Our salespeople are often on the move, so our finance team would frequently get reporting requests from them, which they did not have time for. Our current reporting tool was not incredibly flexible either, so requests would often involve manipulating data as required in spreadsheets. Overall, the whole process was very time- consuming and restrictive.

Restrictive reporting was only creating more work for our finance team and meant that salespeople often missed out on customer opportunities due to the time taken to extract the sales information they needed.”


The Solution.

sales-i was introduced to Bancroft Wines before Georgina joined the company, but she shared that “the Financial Controller at the time implemented sales-i because he saw value in how quickly and easily data can be accessed and manipulated through Enquiries. It is far quicker and easier than exporting a huge amount of data into excel and investigating it through various Pivot Tables.”

When looking for a solution that would help Bancroft Wines improve their processes, Georgina explains that “we needed something that could be accessed quickly and easily both online on a desktop and out on the road via mobile. We wanted to ensure our team wasn’t restricted to only seeing data when in the office.

It was also essential that it’s user-friendly to guarantee the team could efficiently implement the software and not continue to request the information in sales-i from other departments.”

"sales-i is undoubtedly a vital tool for our salespeople to perform to the best of their ability."


Georgina Morley, National Account Manager

The Results.

“sales-i has saved time across all departments and allowed for accountability for every team member. Everyone can unlock the data themselves and interrogate it in a way that is constructive to their way of working, thereby helping them reach and exceed their targets.

sales-i is undoubtedly a vital tool for our salespeople to perform to the best of their ability.
I have recently been training recruits and they have been amazed by how easily we can access our Vintner Systems data compared to the systems they were used to in previous jobs.”

When asked which areas of sales-i Bancroft Wines use most frequently, Georgina said that Enquiries is a functionality that is utilised to its fullest potential. “It allows us to easily identify where opportunities lie and when problems are beginning to arise so we can be there for the right customer, at the right time, with the right products.”

Georgina then touches on how she uses the software to support and enhance the day-to-day jobs in her role: “I work in National Accounts looking after our grocery customers, so I work in a very different way to the rest of the team. Sales VS Gaps is extremely useful to give me a quick overview of invoicing dates for certain listings during the previous year. Having access to this means I get an idea of when to anticipate orders and check in with supply chain departments.

From doing so this summer, I managed to secure a €30K PO for a key customer in August, which bolstered our revenue in what is typically our quietest month of the year.”

The Future.

Georgina concludes by sharing that her “aim is to get the whole team to be maximising the potential within new Enquiries. We are also looking to set up a separate data cube for our producers to access, so they can see which sectors their products are selling in without having to wait for monthly feedback from our buyers.”

sales-i offers seamless integration with Vintner ERP, just one of our ERP partner integrations.

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