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C.H. Hanson.

Hand tool company increase their customer insight with sales-i.

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Chicago-based C.H. Hanson implements sales-i to keep one step ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • 4th generation company
  • 6,000 products
  • 11 sales-i users

The Overview.

Chicago based C.H. Hanson is a well respected industry leader within the hand tool industry. The company was established back in 1866 and is today a family owned company entering its 4th generation.

The company manufactures in excess of 6,000 items offered through 8 primary categories all sold through a network of over 1,000 distributors. To service these customers, the company employs a network of around 100 independent manufacturer representatives.

The Challenge.

Phil Hanson, Executive Vice President of C.H. Hanson commented: “The timing of my introduction to sales-i was apt as we had been looking for a sales intelligence software solution and were in the process of picking a vendor.

Phil continues, “We have a strong sales team that knows what the end-market customers want just as much as the distributors. Our previous sales intelligence system did not deliver what we needed and required us to use a complicated query system.”

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The Solution.

C.H. Hanson has implemented sales-i internally and is currently rolling-out the system for use with its 1,000 plus distribution partners via its own sales teams and through a network of independent manufacturer’s representatives

"Having sales-i on board will provide us with the data we need to be able to sell more products quickly and easily."


Phil Hanson, Executive VP

The Results.

“Having sales-i on board will provide us with the data we need to be able to sell more products quickly and easily. We will have the information to know what products the end-market customers want and when. This intelligence will allow us to design timely and effective sales promotions to roll-out to our distributors. It will also allow our sales team to provide our distributors with recommendations on the best products to stock, the quantities to stock and when to stock them.”

“Something else we couldn’t do before, which I am particularly impressed with, is how quickly sales-i allows us to retrieve high level detailed sales and profitability information on screen from the office or out in the sales field.”

The Future.

Phil Hanson concludes: “sales-i provides the most functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H Hanson, arming our sales teams with data to be proactive”.

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