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CPiO Limited.

CPiO has been delivering ERP and CRM software solutions to the UK and global businesses for over 30 years.

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From traditional on-premise solutions to fully hosted managed services in the cloud, CPiO delivers reliable and trusted technology.

  • £25K value of first opportunity closed
  • 90 days turn around time on first deal
  • 34 opportunities identified 

The Overview.

It offers a comprehensive range of solutions based around Sage software, including Sage X3, Sage 200cloud, support for Sage 1000/500, Sage CRM, and a range of business intelligence (BI) solutions. CPiO helps businesses worldwide by designing, procuring, and installing technical platforms to support all business applications.

The Challenge.

CPiO recognizes that whilst CRM is beneficial for an organization, it mainly focuses on building relationships and recording interaction rather than generating sales. It quickly realized that there was a need to adopt new software that could meet varying business requirements in order to help generate sales.

Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director at CPiO, explains, “We sell Sage CRM, and the sales teams use CRM to share information across departments in the business, though it doesn’t help in terms of generating revenue, increasing productivity, and helping to hit monthly targets”.

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The Solution.

“We discovered sales-i through a customer recommendation. It uses sales-i to grow its revenue and increase productivity, as well as managing internal operations.

We did our research and approached sales-i about a potential opportunity to collaborate and ultimately become partners. It made sense, as they had what our customers needed, and we could offer it to them based on a foundation of trust.

From the beginning, working with sales-i was incredibly straightforward, and the first customer we recommended to them ended up investing in the sales enablement solution. All we had to do at CPiO was introduce both parties, and sales-i did the rest.”

Joe Cox, UK Sales Manager at sales-i, shares that “CPiO invited their customer to their head office in Fort Dunlop, Birmingham, where they met me and their CPiO Account Manager. From here, we had a wider discussion around their current Sage investment and what we could provide them moving forward. Following our robust needs analysis process, we introduced the concept of sales-i and gave some background on our experience in their industry. After completing a demo, they were really interested in what we had to offer and instantly saw the value it would bring to their business operations.”

Andrew adds that “our customers at CPiO are always looking for new technology and insights specifically designed for their sales team that they can implement, learn from and evolve with, in order to grow their business, and sales-i definitely delivers that and more.”

"The first customer we recommended to sales-i ended up investing in the sales solution. All we had to do was introduce both parties and sales-i did the rest."


Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director at CPiO Limited

The Results.

On behalf of CPiO customers, Andrew shares that “with improved visibility, they’re able to benefit from maximizing sales with minimum effort, which includes handling and managing repeat sales.”

The first prospect that CPiO introduced to the sales analytics software subsequently invested in sales-i to reinforce their current processes in Sage 1000, QlikView, and Sage CRM. Joe at sales-i adds that “we will continue to work alongside CPiO to assist them in recognizing opportunities in both their existing customer base, as well as co-selling to new clients.”

The Future.

“At CPiO, it is now our mission to identify and target what we consider suitable prospects for sales-i. Any client who buys (or makes) stock and sells is an ideal candidate, and we do what we can to push them towards the transition to the sales insights that sales-i delivers.

We are continuously profiling our existing clients and promoting the benefits and features of sales-i to these, as well as new prospects we believe fit the mold,” concludes Andrew.

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