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Embrace and evolve with the times of technological change.

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Introducing new technology can seem daunting and complicated, but keeping up with the technological change – while providing your customers with the experience they demand – is essential to business success.

Agility is the key to surviving in the age of technological change and losing the ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ attitude will help you make that shift. Unfortunately, modern businesses simply can’t survive on outdated methods of working if they want to succeed in the here and now – much less the future.

Adopting technology that provides winning solutions to customers’ rapidly changing needs is the only way to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. With cloud-based technology, sharable-data solutions and newer, more innovative artificial intelligence being more accessible than ever, most distributors of all shapes and sizes can benefit from them.

Distributors who remain naive about introducing new technology that helps them to stay agile can expect to lose their customers to distributors that are already valuing their digital investment.

By embracing and evolving with the right technology for your business, you could: 

  • Have a better understanding of your customers and their buying trends 
  • Forecast demand, predict future purchases and anticipate customer needs 
  • Be automatically alerted when a cross-sell or upsell opportunity is spotted 
  • Know what customers are not buying from you and why 
  • Anticipate customer needs and pivot to meet them proactively and strategically 


When your business embraces a digital transformation, you will begin to experience an immediate increase in the speed of receiving data.
Whether that’s to investigate customer health and buying
behaviors, analyzing revenue or find new gaps of up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, having real-time actionable data means you're one step ahead of the competition.

With the right cloud-based solution, you can access up-to-date information in real time through your ERP,
 CRM and e-commerce platform to gain greater visibility into your business’s operations. 
Having support from a powerful system enables you to adapt to changing demands as they’re happening


With sales analytics dashboards that deliver a deeper level of understanding of customer behaviors, you’re able to drive more value to your most profitable customers by focusing, investigating and implementing that information.

Having this extensive amount of data in consumable
formats will not only help you forecast demand and alter your pricing models but will deliver insights into who your customers are, how they behave and what motivates them to buy, giving you the flexibility to negotiate, scale and build on the relationship.

With sales-iyou can benefit from smart technology that is real-time, predictive and accessible from just about anywhere, meaning your insights are at the touch of a button. Having the ability to gather powerful data in one place, to accurately determine what the future looks like, is an essential asset to business growth. 


The world isn’t slowing down.
In fact, it
’s going to be faster-paced than ever, so it’s essential that you embrace and evolve with the times of innovative technology.
To always be ahead of the game, you need to have a streamlined, efficient and productive operation that can take advantage of new opportun
ities – but how do you achieve that? 

With the support of sales technology, you can improve communication, collaboration and customer experience all in one place.

For example, sales-
i will automate time-consuming processes that often take you and your team hours of precious time to complete; whether that’s searching for a specific customer account and investigating their purchasing patterns or identifying which products are being bought without their complimentary item, such as brakes without brake pads. 

With the ever-increasing reach into B2B markets – with reports of eCommerce giants hitting $21 billion in 2025 and industry leaders being 72% more likely to already have business analytics integrated into their ERP – it’s clear that wholesaler-distributors need to adapt their operations to stay ahead of the competitionAccording to Aberdeen Groupwholesale and distributor leaders are 31% more likely to have real-time visibility into the status of all processes and data. For an organization with a lot of moving parts, such as a wholesaler or distributor, this is essential for handling logistics in an agile manner.” 

Even though embracing a technological change may seem like a never-ending struggle to wholesalers and distributors who don’t realize the true value, in order to make better, more informed decisions that are backed up with accurate data, it’s important to overcome this outdated method of thinking and evolve with the times.  

To discover more about embracing powerful technology that will help scale your business, you can book a free demo.

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