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FRID + Russell.

Leading office supplier going from strength to strength with sales performance software, sales-i.

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The future is looking positive for growing Ontario based business product supplier with the help of sales-i.

  • 100K products
  • 9 sales-i users
  • 70+ years of experience

The Overview.

Located in Southwestern Ontario, FRID + Russell is one of the largest independent business product suppliers in the region. Renowned for their personal level of service and a product range reaching over 100,000 products, the commitment at FRID + Russell for providing an outstanding experience for every customer is truly tangible.

Established in 1947, the company supplies everything a working office could need, from office supplies, printer consumables and furniture to cleaning products and even breakroom supplies.

The Challenge.

With a vast range of products and a customer base that would only continue to grow, the team at FRID + Russell simply couldn’t rely on manual data analysis, lengthy reports and tiresome spreadsheets to manage and grow their business.

Sales Manager for the company, Christian Cardo comments: “I joined FRID + Russell just as we introduced sales-i to the team who were used to using spreadsheets and word documents to manage their accounts.”

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The Solution.

Using a variety of manual processes to produce sales ready data was becoming a time consuming process for the team so they looked for a working alternative that would save valuable selling time.

Soon after hearing about sales-i through one of the leading office supply buying groups, the team at FRID + Russell saw the potential of the system and made the decision to introduce sales-i to their growing team.

"We now have a focused approach to what we are doing."


Christian Cardo, Sales Manager

The Results.

sales-i has transformed business at FRID + Russell and Christian and the team couldn’t be happier. “I can’t imagine doing business without it now,” Christian says.

With instant access to all of their customers’ purchasing habits, Christian’s eight strong team can check up on their clients, find out which are up or down in spend and drill down to find out exactly what is going on within their client base.

“We use a lot of budgets and we are now able to run reports to see how each client is doing compared to their monthly or yearly budgets. sales-i has been a huge help for us from that perspective,” he adds.

From a management perspective, Christian actively monitors the performance of his team members to better understand any room for improvement. What’s more, he is able to set targets for his team and track their progress using the Campaign Manager feature within sales-i.

The Future.

Having used sales-i for just over three years, the future is certainly looking positive for FRID + Russell.

Christian concludes, “From a customer retention and product penetration standpoint, sales-i has really helped us as a company. We now have a focused approach to what we are doing and everyone is looking at the same data.”

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