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JVL Homeware Solutions.

JVL rolls out sales-i across its internal and field-based sales teams.

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Sales and customer intelligence on laptops and iPhones makes accessing customer buying intelligence quick and intuitive for JVL’s sales force.

  • 68,000 sq ft of warehouse space
  • 2012 since introducing sales-i
  • 30+ years experience

The Overview.

JVL is a leading supplier of specialised homeware products which it distributes to many well known national and independent retailers.

Operating from its 68,000 sq ft modern warehouse and distribution plant in Halifax, JVL offers thousands of products in ranges including doormats, car mats, airers, basketware, luxury coat hangers and cleaning products.

The Challenge.

Keeping good sales visibility across such a wide range of products and identifying which customers are buying which products and which are most profitable, not only demands a keen management eye for detail, but also the support of an integrated sales and customer intelligence system to provide the information from whichever angle it is needed.


The Solution.

“Information transparency is key to helping us identify prospecting opportunities and that is exactly what sales-i is now giving us,” commented Julian.

“We began with sales-i in late summer 2012 and fully rolled out both the sales and customer intelligence functionality to our sales force who have taken to it very easily and that ease of adoption has contributed enormously to its success.”

"sales-i is enabling our sales teams to work better."


Julian Pointon, Managing Director

The Results.

Julian continues, “We can slice and dice the information in so many ways and are only just scratching the surface of what sales-i can really do for us but already it is enabling our sales teams to work better.”

“Prospecting is improved as is communication between internal and field-based sales which means we are increasing efficiency and maximizing our selling time with accurate, actionable information.”

JVL is making extensive use of sales-i’s customer record capability which is arming its account managers with detailed information for customer visits. “The uniformity and quality of information pre and post customer visit is superb,” adds Julian.

The Future.

“This ‘view’ of the customer or prospect is now consistent across the business, making prospecting more accurate too. We have also started using the sales-i iPhone app which is very impressive and will further deepen adoption for its very intuitive look and feel.”

Paul Black is sales-i’s CEO and comments, “JVL is a good example of how internal tele-sales and external field sales teams can use sales-i to work together and improve visibility of customer buying behavior and prospecting. That consistent view directly impacts business efficiency and generates more targeted sales leads.”

Paul continues, “We are delighted too that JVL uses sales-i on the iPhone. We are the first and currently only integrated sales and customer intelligence system to be accepted on the App Store and we are expecting this to make a big difference to our customers’ ongoing adoption of sales-i.”

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