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Leading tire and automotive parts supplier is astonished by level of sales information available in sales-i.

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Bickers, part of Maxxis International, has been importing and supplying automotive parts across the UK for over 35 years. sales-i’s sales performance software has transformed their business with up to date information about their customers.

  • 45+ years of business
  • 2+ years using sales-i
  • Established in 1975

The Overview.

Founded in 1967, Maxxis began as a manufacturer of tyres for bicycles in Taiwan. Since its establishment almost 50 years ago, the company has continued to expand across the world.

As the company continued to grow, Maxxis diversified into a variety of different markets and has become a name synonymous with the very best. Bickers is part of the Maxxis group and the company supplies parts directly to the motorcycle trade across the UK. For over 35 years, Bickers has been importing and distributing the highest quality motorcycle parts and accessories such as Maxxis tyres, Motorex oils and much more.

The Challenge.

As one of the leading parts suppliers, Bickers were no stranger to the fact that competition in the industry was heating up. The need for instant insight into the ins and outs of their account base was becoming more and more apparent.

Having cut his teeth within the sales team, e-commerce administrator Charlie Rawson can recall just how much their need for information was becoming an issue. “The problem that we all shared was that we thought we knew what was going on in our territories. The majority of the time our thoughts however, were misguided.

The first time I would realize that one of our customers hadn’t been buying would be the end of the following month when I should have been collecting a cheque from the customer, only to find there was no outstanding amount to collect. Correcting problems or missed sales eight weeks after our customer had switched to a competitor is a lot harder than correcting an issue the same week.”


The Solution.

As the need for more information continued to build, the team began their search for a solution that would solve their needs. “We found it truly awesome. The information that could be gleaned from just a few mouse clicks in sales-i, it’s astonishing”.

The team at Bickers have now been using sales-i for little over 18 months and the change has been incredible.

"It’s definitely one of, if not the best, IT purchases we’ve made of the last couple of years, I love it to bits!"


Charlie Rawson, E-Commerce Administrator 

The Results.

“Our sales team now have up-to-date, 100% correct information about their customers. They can see their dealer spend up to and including the day before in the most minute of detail.”

Since introducing sales-i to their team, Charlie has become a huge advocate of the system. Having set up numerous powerful campaigns and rolling reports that constantly feed the sales team with a stream of key information and unmissable sales opportunities, Charlie has found the system to be a huge step in the right direction for the company.

“It’s definitely one of, if not the best, IT purchases we’ve made of the last couple of years, I love it to bits!”

When it comes to day-to-day support, Charlie has only been too impressed by the level of help and advice offered by sales-i. “Any queries I have are always answered speedily by the sales-i support team.”

The Future.

The team has just started to use Autopilot on their smartphones and tablets to organize their calls and monitor customer activity when they’re out of the office and without an Internet connection. “This is one area where we have seen a huge improvement in sales. We can reference up-to-date information and go into our customer meetings fully briefed and ready to make a sale.”

As the enthusiasm for sales-i continues to spread throughout the company, even their most cynical of salespeople are now huge advocates of the system. “One of our Area Sales Managers is in his mid-60s and would happily admit he hated all things IT. He’s now one of our top users and would (begrudgingly!) say that he now couldn’t be without sales-i!”

We’ll let Charlie have the last words here: “Ah, sales-i, if it were a woman, I would marry it!”

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