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New Castle Building Products.

Specialist distributor of commercial and residential roofing products use sales-i to get insight into sales performance.

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Specializing in commercial and residential roofing products, a 300-strong team serves New Castle Building Products’ customers from 19 locations with its headquarters in White Plains, NY.

  • 17 sales-i users
  • 19 locations 
  • $100,000+ sales from one customer in Q1 with sales-i



The Overview.

Established in 2002 with a dozen employees and a fleet of four trucks, New Castle Building Products is a family-owned, leading distributor of building supplies throughout the North-eastern United States.

The Challenge.

As the business continued to grow, the team at New Castle were keen to highlight the performance of their sales division, as Abby Ross, Sales Analyst for the company explains: “I think our biggest stumbling block as a company was accountability and honesty, as well as the management of our accounts. We wanted to be sure nothing slipped through the cracks as we continued to grow.”

Despite having used a plethora of tools in the past, it was clear that these were underused in the business. “We’ve been using Agility by DMSi as our ERP and we’d used a couple of different solutions that could run reports, but I don’t think anybody was utilizing them.”


The Solution.

In summer 2018, New Castle selected sales-i as their provider of choice to help to improve the visibility and performance of their sales team.

Having been tasked with getting sales-i up and running for New Castle, a brand-new position was created for Abby as Sales Analyst. Now a full-time internal champion of sales-i, Abby is delighted with her new role. “sales-i has opened new doors for me and new doors for the divisions of our company as a whole. I would like to say I am the ‘awareness guru’ for all our outside salespeople!” Abby says.

“sales-i has become a permanent staple in our company. It embodies our core values: accountability, honesty, teamwork, urgency and caring. But it also still allows us to be flexible and passionate about what 

we do in the field."


Abby Ross, Sales Analyst


The Results.

Despite having used sales-i for less than a year, the change at New Castle has been remarkable.

“sales-i brings complete awareness to everybody’s customers. On a day-to-day basis, I’m looking at our outside sales team to see if they’re running campaigns for accountability. I’m also running call spend summary reports on a bi-weekly basis to better understand where they are spending their time. I just ran a first-quarter month-end report which involved % of accounts seen, prospect growth and conversions,” Abby said.

On the eye-opening insights sales-i can provide, Abby said: “I had one of our outside sales guys who has over 200 accounts. He thought one of his accounts went out of business as a report in sales-i showed no spend. It turns out the customer is still in business and has been restructured. Now we have done over $100,000 in sales in the first quarter with this account and the help of sales-i!”

With all 17 outside salespeople actively using sales-i, the team at New Castle have set some rigorous objectives for the year ahead. “We are a profitable company and last year our outside sales team were responsible for half of our revenue. Having sales-i as a tool for a complete fiscal year will only result in greater growth and as such, we have set the bar much higher for our outside sales division this year.”

The Future.

As Abby and the team continue to advocate the use of sales-i within New Castle Building Products, it has become an integral part of their sales operation.

“We tell our team that sales-i isn’t going anywhere and they are required to use it from sun-up to sundown if they are working with New Castle.

“sales-i has become a permanent staple in our company. It embodies our core values: accountability, honesty, teamwork, urgency and caring. But it also still allows us to be flexible and passionate about what we do in the field,” Abby concludes.

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