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Office 360.

Office360° has sales information at its fingertips with sales-i, and closes off the financial year 58% up on previous year.

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Office360° Case Study

Office360°, an independently owned full-service information management company and contract stationer has selected sales-i to underpin its sales operation and increase the visibility of customer buying behavior to identify sales opportunities.

  • 30,000 products
  • 58% sales uplift
  • 24 sales-i users

The Overview.

Indianapolis-based Office360° launched sales-i to its sales operation in June last year. Director of Sales, Larry Sexton is delighted with the progress they have made in such a short time and explains, “We have a varied sales organization so ease of use is a must to ensure it can be adopted by my entire team. sales-i scores a ten when it comes to ease of use and this was one of the first things that attracted us to the system.”

The Challenge.

Larry continues, “Having information is not an issue, it is the ease and speed at which you can slice, dice and access that information that makes the real difference and that is precisely what we can do with sales-i. This has enhanced how we approach customer calls and has made it very easy to identify incremental sales opportunities in our key accounts.”

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The Solution.

Although still early days in their transition to sales-i Larry and his sales team are using the system to identify opportunities that would otherwise have been overlooked and are preparing for customer calls by accessing their data on cell phones before visits.

“We have great visibility of who is buying what and who isn’t and with that information in our hands, at the speed of business. sales-i is also helping us prepare very professional materials for our business reviews which is a critical activity for both account retention as well as identifying new sales opportunities with existing customers.”

"sales-i scores a ten when it comes to ease of use and this was one of the first things that attracted us to the system."


Larry Sexton, Director of Sales

The Results.

Office360° closed off last year over 50% up on the previous year and 2011 is off to a flying start, an achievement that Larry attributes, amongst other things, to sales-i. “I feel good about what we have accomplished in a short time with sales-i and I know that we have barely scratched the surface of what the system can do for us. But with a low monthly fee I don’t feel I have to use every single feature of sales-i to feel justified about our investment in the application and I’m very pleased with our ROI so far. sales-i is making us more effective and increasing sales opportunities, I can’t ask for more than that.”

The Future.

Kevin McGirl is co-founder of sales-i, based in Chicago and adds, “Larry and his sales team are a great success story for sales-i where sales professionals of a variety of ages and abilities are using the system to increase sales and improve awareness and visibility of their customers’ buying behavior. sales-i is used by organizations of all sizes from small independents to giant multi-nationals and the results are the same – improved sales, improved service and increased margins.”

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