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Rodo improves sales performance and increases orders with sales-i.

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sales-i is today helping Rodo to recover lost business and increase sales performance.

  • Established in 1925
  • 100,000 sq ft warehouse space
  • 100+ employees

The Overview.

Rodo was established in the early 1920s and supplies branded and own label paintbrushes and equipment to all the major players in the UK trade, both under its own brands – including Professional, Windsor and ProDec. The company also has a significant presence amongst independent DIY merchants, supplying branded products, including Fit for the Job, and own label.

Rodo’s National Account and field sales team has responded very positively to sales-i’s sales intelligence which gives them greater visibility of their customers’ buying behaviour through fast, intuitive, gap analysis and sales alerts.

The Challenge.

Rodo sought to address the difficult trading conditions encountered by many in the industry and to take a proactive step to limit its impact on revenue and customer attrition.


The Solution.

Rodo took the decision to improve the way it delivers sales opportunities to the front line sales staff back in 2009 and selected sales-i to deliver a highly intuitive sales intelligence solution across its sales and marketing operation.

Now six years down the line Geoff Winstanley, Rodo’s National Account Manager, is still delighted with that decision and is enjoying some very positive and visible benefits.

"We are maximizing our sales time working on the most profitable accounts."


Geoff Winstanley, National Account Manager

The Results.

“We are making great use of the sales-i alerts function which automatically alerts us to any accounts that are not buying, or buying one product and not another, or whose sales have dropped etc so we are alerted to key sales opportunities. This is really having a positive impact on sales performance and sales morale,” commented Geoff.

“Shortly after switching-on sales-i, one of our field sales team identified a customer that had not bought from us for 2 years. Within a few days he had taken an order and re-awoken it as a live account. We have also identified leakage at several important accounts and taken increased orders as a result; and the buying trends visibility that sales-i gives us across other accounts means we are actively making appointments and identifying cross selling and up selling opportunities across our customer base.”

The Future.

“sales-i is very flexible and our sales force can use it at home or while on calls out in the field. This means they can be more effective, armed with up to the minute information on their accounts and this all makes for improved sales performance and targets are being achieved – so sales people are motivated to use it.

“From a call planning point of view if a sales rep can do 6 calls in an area, sales-i identifies which are the critical 6, so we are maximizing our sales time working on the most profitable accounts.”

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