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The great remote working experiment we’ve all been waiting for?

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Could this be the great remote working experiment we’ve all been waiting for?

As we continue to figure out how to work and conduct business, the planet’s always-on lifestyle gets a well-deserved break.

There’s been talk that planet Earth looks cleaner, fresher, even the sky is bluer since the world’s been on an isolation lockdown from the Coronavirus. But what about your family and your co-workers?

Perhaps this hard reboot of our ever increasingly busy schedules is the one benefit of the current crisis? It has forced the hand of industries and businesses into the largest scale remote working experiment the world has ever seen. Moreover, it has shown that people can work remotely, and teams can find innovative ways to get the job done.



As we experience our global workforce confined and isolated by the Coronavirus, we have had to find alternatives to business situations we took for granted. Just a few weeks ago you might have been able to schedule lunch with a customer, or you were able to walk over to another part of the organization and discuss a project with IT. Now you are limited to the screens and WIFI capabilities of your home environment.



Now is the time to reassess how we work, not just as we are confined to our homes, but going forward.

The uninvited, but invaluable, remote working experiment will provide a host of quantitative and qualitative data on how we can shape the future landscape of business.

Quantitative data will include behavioral changes of workers and customers in their daily life to reshape of how businesses operate and how they design customer journeys. This will range from shifts in device usage between smartphone and desktop, to fundamental changes in how end users will use products and services.

Qualitative feedback will enable an investigation into employee job satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, work-life balance, and mental health for employees. Whilst finding new ways to map the changing priorities of customers and build communications to suit.



This remote working period is an excellent opportunity to figure out how you want to drive new business or explore alternative ways of finding new customers or identify available technologies that will help you get there. But you need to take action and try some of these great alternatives.

This is your big break to build a new network and redefine your business.

  • Meet with cross-functional teams within your organization to explore new business directions and plan for the recovery
  • Invite departments responsible for product development to share new ideas and technologies that are readily available and can be easily customized or integrated within your systems or platforms
  • Search for companies that can help you help your customers better by providing the tools and insights you can work remotely


Don’t be tied to replicating business a usual. Be brave and try to reach beyond that to find something better, a new way.


What will ‘after’ look like?

It’s too soon to tell how the world has changed or how it’s going to be reshaped. The crisis has not only provided new views on remote working conditions but has opened society up to more sophisticated and flexible use of technology.


“Only 9% of Britons want life to return to ‘normal’ once lockdown is over”


With reports of a cleaner planet, we have a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s simple pleasures. What remains unknown is how governments, healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles, and more will change. What we do know is that there is a growing feeling that people want change.


Knowledge is power.

However, change does come uncertainty, and insights into new customer buying patterns and behavior will now be more valuable than ever. What used to happen in Q3 for your business isn’t going to help you scale your business back into the new business landscape. What you need is insights and quick updates on your customer and prospect buying behaviors. True, real-time data to make your business data-driven.

sales-i continues to provide these insights to our users during this great remote working experiment. With its inbuilt data analysis, reporting, CRM, and mobile access functionalities, sales-i remains as effective from the kitchen table as it does in the office. Furthermore, sales-i’s anywhere, any time features are giving our users the competitive advantage to operate independently from the office environment.


To flourish in a post COVID economy, business leaders need to grow beyond traditional strategies, include innovative tech, and draws from their in-house expertise to become more than what they were before. A tech-led, data-driven business. A business truly fit for the future.


If you would like to see how sales-i delivers the tools your team needs right now – request a demo today.

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