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5 Advantages of Mobile CRM with BI Analytics.

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Mobiles, or cell phones depending on which side of the pond you reside, are now a lot more than their title suggests. They’re miniature computers that we have learned to take for granted. So much so that we regularly sit on them, let our toddlers play with them and drop them down the toilet. Can you imagine hearing that 20 or 30 years ago?

Mobile devices have evolved to be an essential tool in our everyday lives in such a short span of time that it is easy to forget that our CEOs, managers, parents and even me (despite my youthful looks!) experienced a life without them completely.

An estimated 4.77 billion people will have a mobile phone by 2019 – Statista 2018


While we have all adopted technologies in our private lives, there remains a level of resistance to integrating the mobile device into business. I got to thinking ‘If we accept that we can all crush candy, why can’t we see that we could crush a sales meeting with similar ease?’

With this in mind I have compiled the top 5 benefits of embracing mobile devices in your businesses day to day. Here we go…


1. Access to data

Being in control of your customer’s account.

With all the data you ever need right there in your mobile device, you can exude an air of omnipotent knowledge. Refresh your knowledge of the specifics of a customer’s account from your device prior to your meeting. Remind yourself about sales specifics, customer service tickets, even the details of your last conversation. Don’t be caught off guard with an unexpected problem to solve that will knock your sales pitch off course.

Nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel that their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting. – IDC


Solve unexpected questions with mobile CRM.

Never again have to interrupt a sales meeting to try and quickly find the answer to a question – you have all the data you need right in your hand! Imagine a future with no delays and no more waiting for your team back at the office to crunch the numbers and send the answer back to you. You can use your device to find the answer and deliver a faster service to your customer – and what customer doesn’t want that?!


2. Multi-purpose

Modern devices.

No longer is your mobile phone purely for calls, texts and a quick game of snake. Never experience the awkward silence as you wait for your laptop to boot shortly followed by the ‘dum duh duh der dum’ startup sound. Modern devices are the unlimited opportunities of the Internet – from any location – in the palm of your hand.

What can you do?

You can quickly research data for your next meeting, pull reports and update your CRM post-meeting before you drive away.

Furthermore, you can use the same devices to directly aid your sales. Leave your other tech at home and use your device to run demonstrations of your products or play explainer videos and customer testimonials.


3. Efficient

Increase productivity.

It stands to reason that if you can edit and update your mobile sales enablement & CRM system on-the-go then you‘ll save yourself time. Reclaim the spent hours at the end of the day manually updating account information from your less than perfect, hurried notes on your laptop or PC.

  • Mobile CRM access boosts team efficiency by 14.6%.
  • 3 in 10 mobile CRM users experience increased productivity of 20+%. – Nucleus Research


The ability to update records with voice-to-text technology via your device, as is available with sales-i, can save even more time as you don’t need to delay leaving for your next appointment and can make your updates on the move.


Increase delivery.

Being able to free yourself from hours of administrative duties during the week will positively impact your ability to hit target allowing more time to dedicate towards contacting prospects and to nurture relationships. This coupled with salespeople being better informed and able to quickly respond to queries from clients and prospects boosts deal closing percentages across the board. sales-i’s automated analytics can help you go a step further to predict your customers’ buying behaviors and alert you to specific opportunities to upsell items.

65% of salespeople using mobile CRM achieve their sales quotas, a huge leap from the 22% of quotas met by reps without mobile CRM features. – Innoppl Technologies 


4. Finger on the pulse

Up-to-date data.

With up-to-date CRM system and instant access to mining data sets and pulling reports, staying on top of your leads and customer actions has never been easier.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. – The Annuitas Group


The emphasis and control is handed back to the salesperson to look after their customers and with it, the ability to respond to their needs as quickly as possible.

50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect. – Insidesales.com


5. Eco-friendly

Save the Rainforest

It may not be your primary concern as you focus on hitting your monthly sales targets but going digital is moving your company closer to becoming a more environmentally friendly workplace.


Looking good.

The added benefit of not having hard copies of your sales pitch, manuals and records means that you remove all the problems paper can create for you.

Have you ever had to rifle through a document for a particular passage? Been missing a vital page? Dropped your entire paper stack and had to chase it around a busy parking lot?

You can put these issues behind you with easily searchable online documents, downloadable brochures and all your presentation materials neatly stored and backed up on a cloud server.


Mobile CRM for the win!

So, there we have it! Our five reasons for putting faith in digital and putting your mobile CRM in your pocket. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then a mobile device powered with the right BI analytics will give your sales the head start you’ve always dreamed of.



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