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Attitude + gratitude = sales success!

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Let’s face it, sales performance has plenty to do with attitude.

  • Do you love to prospect for new business?
  • Do you truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with a prospect and do you value their time?
  • Are you selling a product/service or providing a solution?
  • Are you completing a transaction or creating a relationship?
  • Do you have a PASSION for what you sell or are you simply earning a living selling it?

You are not just the face of your organization, you are the organization. The buck should stop with you and does in the eyes of your client. (Customer status infers transaction, client status infers long-term relationship). When I sold real estate I learned that people buy homes but sell houses. Get it? How well are you networked? Do people actually know who you are and what you do or do you think people know who you are and what you do? Are you putting more into your network than you’re taking out?

I dropped my insurance agent after 25 years because he only contacted me when he had a new investment product to sell. My new agent calls me on my birthday, calls my wife on her birthday and also cut my auto premium substantially because of my “A” client rating. How many times do you think I’ve referred him?

Gratitude. We all take things and people for granted. We shouldn’t but we do. It might be a spouse, significant other, administrative assistant, parking lot attendant or client. People need to know they are appreciated and respected. I have a colleague and friend who was trained as a professional butler in England. He now consults business leaders and politicians and teaches business etiquette at high schools and colleges. His mantra…“You can never be wrong when you treat people with courtesy and respect.”

  • Do your clients know how thankful you are for the fact that they do business with you?
  • Does your family know that you appreciate what they do for you so you can “Do your thing?”
  • When was the last time you approached a colleague and said “Thanks for coming to work today!” Yes, people may not readily admit it (or realize it) but they do have a choice regarding what they do for a living and where they do it.

The key to gratitude is sincerity. If you don’t feel the emotion and “mean the message” don’t say it or write it. During my real estate sales days, the owner of the company I worked for would often walk into the office and say to me “Great tie.” One day I said “Thanks. Do you know my name?” The answer was no but I did get to keep my job.

Want to sell more? Find (or rediscover) your passion. Make every prospect believe you are there to help. If you can’t help don’t waste their time or yours. Make every client feel your absolute appreciation for them. Every year at Thanksgiving I send out cards to my clients that read something like “At this season of thanks I just want you to know how much I value our relationship and appreciate your trust. Best wishes for a great holiday season!”

Here’s to your wildly enjoyable sales success!

Today’s guest post comes from Larry Mietus, Founder of Speaking of Strategy. Larry is regarded as a thought leader on sales strategy, an experienced keynote speaker and specializes in motivating salespeople to drive success.

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