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Elias Wilf.

Elias Wilf uses sales-i to dive deeper into their sales data, with clear and concise information regarding sales analytics.

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How Elias Wilf saw a 5% growth in customer acquisitions with the help of sales-i

Elias Wilf were struggling to efficiently share sales reports and stats between their team and were previously relying on numerous emails to send important information.

Since implementing sales-i, they’ve now been able to:

- Efficiently share sales reports between them
- Have up-to-date sales reports and stats
- Have all of their customer information in one place

More time was spent on data

Ben Brumbaugh, Territory Manager at Elias Wilf explains that the team relied on email to share sales reports and customer/product updates, which he admits was an ineffective way of working, as nothing was clear or precise and it was a constant battle of “too many emails clogging up the server”.

Ben also shares that “I carried around manila folders with each customer listed, printing out their sales data and flyers for every account. Keeping that organized as a ‘living process’ was very stressful and there was more time spent on preparation of data than there was actual time selling...”

Increasing productivity and efficiency

After realizing this way of working was insufficient for productivity within the team, a management decision was made to search for a new solution. “The reason we chose sales-i, was because it is the most widely used program in sales. We were exploring different systems and wanted a product that was able to dive deeper into our data with clear and concise information regarding sales analytics. We also wanted it to ease our communication with customers, prospects, and with each other.

After a demonstration of sales-i, it was clear that this was the solution we had been waiting for. Plus, the ability to monitor trends with Sales vs. Gaps was an absolute must-have for Elias Wilf”.

“Fast forward to 2018 and sales-i was introduced to Elias Wilf for our utilization. It has dramatically changed the way I do business and the meetings I hold with my clients. Having the ability to dive as deep as I need into the customer’s statistics is a powerful tool that has elevated my importance to my clients.”

Case Study Quotes (1)

“Based on my sales from the previous year ($4.9m for 2018 and $5.95m for 2019), I can only hope that sales-i continues to support my personal success, and the success of my team to reach new heights for 2020.

I can confidently attribute at least 5% of my growth in new customer acquisition from sales-i, specifically due to the ‘Prospects’ reporting capability. Likewise, I can use this to stay on top of large projects, with an easy follow-up process.

I use it almost daily to see sales trends and popularity, visit notes, success tracking, and Sales vs. Gaps. The ability to track my visits from a note standpoint, as well as call planning, has helped me manage my time as a Territory Manager and allowed me to plan my own work, and my team's work ahead of time.

Preparation for sales calls is really quick and easy on both desktop and tablet/mobile, so I know I can plan at my desk in the office and switch to my iPad when in front of a customer, and have the exact same data for a successful meeting.

As a business, we use sales-i daily to internally share notes and price requests between teams and upper management, with communication on specific dealer items. Having a cloud-based program that doesn’t rely on email servers allows us to work from any place, at any time, and know that we can access the information we need instantly.”

Ben adds that sales-i has “eliminated the time spent and unnecessary effort wasted on sending emails back and forth. Some companies rely on emails as their main form of communication, both externally and internally; which can become very overwhelming, very quickly, but because everything is attained within sales-i, it keeps Power Users focused and in one place”.

“There is a definite emotional change in my selling approach, just by having sales-i every day, as it eliminates the stress of having to work in ineffective and outdated ways. The time management and tracking aspect of sales-i is absolutely the most immediate success story for me personally. From this, I can speed up how I can get information from within my company to help the dealer get quicker results.”

Ben concludes by saying, “sales-i has positioned me to be the ‘quickest rep’, and the ‘go-to’ guy for flooring business consultations. Therefore, I can personally attribute another 10% growth in sales revenue for sales-i. I feel I am now driving the business in my territory; my only downfall would be... I just wish I had it a long time ago!”

Who are Elias Wilf?

Based in Maryland USA, Elias Wilf carries substantial inventories of all stocking lines with over 15,000 SKUs and is dedicated to supplying high-quality products and services.

Over the years, Elias Wilf has continued to grow strategically through the acquisition of competitor distributors, expansion into new geographic areas, and building partner relationships to increase business success.

With a sales territory spanning from New York to North Carolina, Elias Wilf fields a large sales and support team and believes that at the very core of it all, people buy from people.

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