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Get back your time as a sales manager.

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What you want to do, rather than what you have to do.

As a sales leader, the clock is always ticking. Reports need to be prepared, goals need to be monitored and those ever-present metaphorical fires keep flaring up. It’s enough to make you wonder where the time goes or, more importantly, if your time as a sales manager is being spent in the right ways.


According to a recent Gartner survey that compares a sales manager’s reality against their ideal world, it proves that the typical leader is, in fact, spending an average of 19% less time performing external-facing activities than they would prefer. This means that “managers spend too much time in front of computers and not enough time in front of customers,” the VP of Enterprise Sales at Electronics contributes, which isn’t going to help them achieve their sales goals.

In addition to this, the ‘Enhanced Frontline Sales Leader Survey’ visually demonstrates that managers are only using 9% of their day to build market expertise when their desired time spent is 17%. With such a drastic difference in percentages, is it now time to eliminate painstaking and consuming admin tasks and focus on putting more energy into areas that will help to grow your sales revenue?

Save time with data analytics.

Using data analytics within a powerful sales technology has proven to be a game-changer for millions of businesses worldwide. In fact, according to the Small Business Trends publication, 67% of small businesses spend more than $10,000 a year on analytics, and 59% of those respondents say without the data from analytics solutions, it will take longer to do everyday business tasks such as delivering products and services to customers.

With the support of sales technology, you can improve the quality of customer insights, communication, collaboration, and customer experience all in one place whilst getting back your time as a sales manager.

With sales-i, you can benefit from real-time, predictive, and accessible data that delivers insights at the touch of a button.

For example, sales-i will automate time-consuming processes that often take you and your team hours to complete, whether that’s searching for a specific customer account or investigating their purchasing patterns, or identifying which products are being bought without their complimentary item. Here are just three ways sales leaders/managers can save time when using data analytics in sales software:

1. Instant alerts into customer health

An essential part of your sales manager role is to identify any changes in customer health, and their buying behavior, in order to take advantage of an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. However, gathering this information using spreadsheets can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days – by which time it can often be too late to act. But, with automated sales alerts being delivered right to your phone or desktop, you can instantly see when patterns occur and why, allowing you to make accurate and smart data-driven decisions. Eliminating the hours spent sifting through endless spreadsheets will create extra time for more productive and effective tasks.

2. Quick overview of team performance

Being able to manage the work of your sales team and having an available snapshot of their performance is vital for success. Tracking KPIs and monitoring their pipeline of prospects and customer behavior can become a lengthy task without the right tools. Having sales-i by your side, your job as a sales manager is instantly more streamlined and productive as you’re able to create overviews of your team’s performance in one easy-to-digest dashboard that demonstrates their sales targets and achievements for a set period. Not only will you have saved hours of admin work, but give yourself back time to work on your own targets.

3. Schedule your diary in seconds

Having access to such powerful sales enablement software means you’re able to use functions that are designed to save you time, including scheduling what your day looks like. With sales-i, you could take advantage of MyCalls to prioritize which customers you should speak to first, depending on the health of their account and any opportunities that have been identified. MyCalls will automatically schedule alerts to your calendar and remind you who to call, when to call them, and what to say based on their purchasing data. Not only are you all set up and ready for a productive day, but you have saved hours of valuable time by eliminating the need to analyze each customer account and flag any risks or opportunities.

With time becoming ever more precious, supporting your performance with data-driven action planning through sales software will not only save you time interpreting customer reports and monitoring your team’s performance, but you can also work to achieve your own sales targets as you’re getting back those wasted hours of admin work.

With an automated sales software solution, managers can begin to see a shift in those percentages and work towards a more productive and streamlined way of leadership, and the desired 17% spent on building market expertise can now become a reality.

For more information on sales-i and how to get back your time as a sales manager, to do what you want to do, not what you need to do, then head to www.sales-i.com and book a free online demo.

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