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Ideal Bathrooms.

Ideal Bathrooms transformed its sales and customer account visibility in just one week with sales-i.

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How Ideal Bathrooms saw a 1.4% profit margin increase in YOY with sales-i.


Ideal Bathrooms couldn’t access their updated information without the hassle of waiting for a manual report, meaning their sales team always had expired data that slowed down their targets and caused a strain on their productivity levels.

sales-i offered them:  

- Have up-to-date sales data
- Ability to distribute sales reports across the whole team
- Ability to use it on any device, wherever you are

The problem with out-of-date data

Lesley Winter, Sales Support Executive at Ideal Bathrooms, shares: “One of the biggest challenges we faced as a sales team was receiving manual data that had already expired by the time it landed in our inbox. We were delivering top-line information on customer accounts to our salespeople in paper packs each month.

Not only is this environmentally damaging, with the quantity of paper being generated, but wading through that much information to unearth sales opportunities or changes in buying behavior was simply impossible and the information was out of date by the time the salespeople received it. Tracking customer contact was also very difficult and different regions reported that contact in different ways.”

Data insights anywhere, anytime

Ideal Bathrooms were already taking advantage of sales-i before Lesley joined the team, as the company was exploring a new sales software and instantly saw the value of sales-i at a National Merchant Buying Society conference.

Lesley confirms that “With sales-i being available on most devices, offered an integrated CRM and could be used everywhere and anywhere, I knew it was a no-brainer to introduce sales-i to my sales force and remove paper reporting forever. This sales intelligence provided on-demand accessibility with no need for infrastructure or support investment in-house, which is something we could benefit from.

In all honesty, I didn’t expect the transformation to be so immediate. My team was given sales-i and within days they were receiving on-demand variance, gaps, and revenue-driven alerts direct to their phones, which enabled them to respond instantly and close deals. We were searching for a solution that was easily accessible and non-restrictive in terms of network, and sales-i ticks those boxes.”

Lesley Winter

“Now that my team can take advantage of a system that instantly delivers data to their device, they can fully understand their customer and their buying behaviors and base their next decision on the information presented in front of them. Whether it’s issuing a report for that customer or reviewing their account for a new selling opportunity, all of which is something we previously wouldn’t have been able to do.” 

With sales-i, Ideal Bathrooms now has a full historic account pattern of the outcome of every sale and can flag when new changes occur, such as orders placed or potential churn. The sales team is now equipped with the information they once waited weeks for and can use it to their advantage to close deals and reach targets. In fact, in the first week of using sales-i, over £25,000 of 100+ day outstanding debts were cleared. 

Lesley shares that Ideal Bathrooms will “continue using sales-i and investing more time and effort into the training sessions the support team provides to get the most potential from the software for our business. 

We have been holding weekly conference calls since introducing sales-i to the business and have a moment for each account manager to cite their ‘Highlight of the Week,’ which can include new spending or an increase in product line purchasing, which is all made possible because of sales-i. There is a real buzz about the software in the team, and I have the confidence that sales meetings are going to continue improving as we make them more productive for the sales team and our customers.”

Who are Ideal Bathrooms?

Ideal Bathrooms are part of the Saint-Gobain group, which designs, manufactures, and distributes materials for the building, transportation, infrastructure, and industrial industries. Together, Ideal Bathrooms and Saint-Gobain can offer a range of high-performance solutions to help create great living places and improve daily life.

Ideal Bathrooms is the UK’s No.1 bathroom specialist and distributor with an impressive portfolio of all the leading bathroom brands, which include Aqua-step, Duradec, Twyford, and Roca.

Ideal Bathrooms understand that products are often needed in a hurry, which is why they pride themselves on their catalog of over 20,000 products with £10m+, which are ready and waiting to go at a moment’s notice. Ideal Bathrooms carry everything from budget-friendly brands to high-end designs with a dedicated luxury bathroom specialist team.

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