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Light at the end of the tunnel.

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Instead of rushing around the office, being pulled from pillar to post by jumping in on this call and hosting that meeting, we are taking advantage of working from home by being more productive and focused.

Our UK sales team at sales-i is using this time as an opportunity to remain productive by nurturing prospects, building new relationships, and booking software demonstrations whilst decision-makers have a less hectic diary. Naturally – like every salesperson in the lockdown – they will face hurdles, but with determination and persistence, they will achieve results.

Joe Cox, Sales Manager at sales-i, shares his top three tips on how to push on through the pandemic:

1.  Light at the end of the tunnel

As the UK shutdown is just commencing there is a great deal of speculation as to how long this process will take, and concern for the welfare of those in our lives. As a salesperson, you must ensure that your optimism shines through in every conversation you have, despite what might feel like a never-ending lockdown. Remember, at some point, the country will return to normality and businesses will have to readjust once more, and when that happens the salesperson will be needed a great deal.

2. Take advantage of your time

Whilst this lockdown is in place, take advantage of the opportunity this gives you. Self-assess your sales strategy for the remainder of the year, take stock of the information around you, and reconnect with your colleagues that you might otherwise not have the opportunity to share best practices. Now is the perfect time to plan your or your sales teams' return to normality and consider organizing in a way you wouldn’t have had the time to do previously.

3. Be empathetic – Your prospects and customers are in the same position

Consider that the clients you speak with are experiencing similar challenges to yourselves. For most at the director or managerial level that involves working from home, not being able to do their normal day-to-day, and not being able to speak with their customers as frequently. For the opportunistic salesperson, this situation gives you the time to strike up a conversation. Share in this common struggle with your clients and take the opportunity to share with them how what you do can help them down the line. Remind them that whereas previously they didn’t have time to discuss your proposal, perhaps now they do, and you might find them more open-minded than they were a few weeks ago.

“As a Sales Manager during the pandemic, I will leave you with the biggest challenge that must not be forgotten: your salespeople are experiencing all of this for the first time. Even for the most optimistic and productive among them, working from home and having difficult conversations in a challenging economy can be draining. Ensure that you keep their optimism and motivation high, keep your conference calls light, and remind them that both we and our customers are all in it together. Stay safe and stay at home.”

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