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Miller Food Services.

Miller Food Service uses sales-i to identify and stop sales leakage.

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Based in York, Miller Food Service is an established and trusted food wholesaler supplying a variety of different sectors, including pubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools.

  • 60.75% growth from Q4 19/20 VS Q3 19/20
  • 12.4% growth from June VS May 2020
  • 3,500 product lines



The Overview.

Serving the catering industry for 50 years, with over 3,500 product lines, the business has earned thousands of loyal customers from their excellent service and smooth delivery, which includes next day orders and online requests to ensure products reach their customers in time.

With a warehouse over 40,000 sq. ft, Miller Food Service is able to incorporate significant distribution facilities, including a fleet of 60 multi-temperature vehicles, to ensure produce stays fresher for longer. This level of service continues to build a strong reputation and customer relationships, whilst contributing to their business success.

Vanessa Carter, Sales Manager at Miller Food Service, shares: “We’re owned by a larger company, Kitwave. We were one of the first service businesses that they own to start using sales-i. Since then, Kitwave has introduced sales-i into several other companies as well.”

The Challenge.

With so many product lines and such short lead times from ordering to delivery, Vanessa shares that keeping track of each customer’s sales data was a very difficult task.

“Our brochure now contains over 3,500 products. It’s a real cross-section of catering products. Many customers use this as a one-stop-shop. And although we do have customers that use other suppliers, many customers primarily use us for items from all our ranges.”

Vanessa continued, “We were very reliant on out-of-date information from a monthly printout for each van run from Swords, our back-office system, which could only be accessed by one person. It was really very, very outdated information. To look and see what customers were actually ordering day-to-day, we had to search each account’s individual orders. It was very complicated and time-consuming.”


The Solution.

Vanessa heard how sales-i integrates with existing systems, such as Swords, and serves up-to-date, actionable data to all users, allowing data to be delivered to everyone who needed it. It wasn’t long before they booked a demo with a sales-i expert and experienced first-hand how powerful the system is.

Now, Miller Food Services are armed with immediate data whenever and wherever they need it, with an easily accessible app on their mobiles, tablets and desktops. All seven field sales agents are taking full advantage of the capabilities, including remote signal services and Snapshot functionalities. They’re also using sales-i to update any call information, notes, follow-up plans and insights by recording details straight into the system using the efficient voice to text technology, making their lives much easier and saving hours of valuable time by eliminating the manual process.

“When the reps come out of a call, they use their iPads or their phones and use voice recognition to record their calls, as well as update their diary. This is great for me and Gareth, our Managing Director, as we can quickly see the week’s progress by rep, where they’ve visited and what was discussed in the calls. It really eases my workload as a manager, too.”

"We can instantly look at what products have dropped off before we go into a call, check what they’re buying and what they were buying a year ago."


Vanessa Carter, Sales Manager


The Results.

Vanessa remarked on how sales-i is shaping her team’s business conversations, “it gives us up-to- date information. Plus, with features like Sales Vs. Gaps, which is fantastic, we can instantly look at what products have dropped off before we go into a call, check what they’re buying and what they were buying a year ago.”

Vanessa shared how sales-i is helping her tackle the common challenge faced in food service, which is a competitive and price-led industry, “If I get called to a meeting at short notice, I can see how much the customer has spent, what they’ve been buying and what has dropped off. So, if anything flags up as red, I can say ‘I’ve noticed you’ve not bought butter this month, are you still using butter or had a competitor quoted a cheaper price?’ So that is our priority – we can see where products have dropped off.”

Vanessa added, “With sales-i, we have upgraded our in-house technology and responsiveness to match the service we already offer our customers. Now we have all the information we need, and it has made a massive difference.”

The Future.

Miller Food Service is thoroughly taking advantage of the sales-i system, with each user logging in on a regular basis. Vanessa also praises a number of employees who have really embraced the capabilities of sales-i and have taken an active role within the company to share their knowledge and drive continued exploration of the system. This level of dedication from her team has led to training sessions with sales-i experts to further develop the skills and up-skill the Miller Food Service sales-i champion even further. “If we have an issue or need some guidance, sales-i is really helpful. Everything is responded to really quickly,” Vanessa concludes.

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