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sales-i steps up its iPhone and iPad App with increased CRM capabilities

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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sales-i has given its customers the green light to download the latest updated features in their sales-i App from the App Store.

iPhone and iPad users, which account for a significant proportion of sales-i customers, can now update their sales-i App with a range of new and exciting CRM capabilities.

New CRM features include:

  • Add call notes and prospects direct on the iPhone and iPad
  • Snapshot now available on iPhone and iPad
  • A range of enhanced presentation facilities on the iPad including automatic screen sizing etc

The new features were available for download from Sunday last and take up has been fast and furious.

Tony McGuinness, head of customer service at sales-i commented, “Capturing customer and prospect call notes when out in the field on iPhones and iPads is highly valuable to sales people and to the business which has an immediate view on activity and actions. Devices like the iPad lend themselves so well to being used as collaborative viewing screens when sitting with the customer to discuss account activity, and our clients use this widely, so we are continually enhancing the sales-i iPad app to boost these presentation capabilities.”

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