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Sales Performance Software for Distribution Companies

The relationship between distributors and manufacturers has never been more important.

For distribution companies to be effective, understanding the demand and requirements from customers is vital. 

It’s a key element to selling products, building relationships with new manufacturers as well as revenue and business growth.

The sales-I solution - sales analytics software

Developed to meet the needs of distributors, our Sales Analytics Software measures your business performance and identifies opportunities for improving your efficiency. Sales-i software offers a complete solution for increasing sales effectively in distribution, whilst also providing useful tools for Manufacturers and Wholesale Companies.

Essentially, we can help to generate sales intelligence and provide actionable insights into a distribution company’s customer base. In fact, there are countless examples of how sales performance software can revolutionise your distribution operations in our Case Studies.


Our product gives you the confidence to identify areas for business growth and can increase revenue as well as profit in the long run. Sales performance software analyses your sales efficiency by highlighting possible areas of improvement. This lets you sell more of the product that you’re responsible for distributing.

You can discover more information on our Sales Efficiency Solutions Here. And, to see for yourself what we can do, you can also Request a Demo Now!

Alternatively, find out below how sales-i delivers these advantages and much more to businesses like yours every day.

Agriculture / Pet Supplies.
From pet food to farming, we work with many distributors in the sector. Find out more here.
Find out how we support distributors in the automotive aftermarket sector.
Construction / Building Supplies.
Lumber, flooring, bricks and much more. Find out how we support a range of specialists in the sector.
We have plenty of experience in the electrical suppliers. Discover more here.
Flooring and Tiling.
Tiles, hardwood, carpet or vinyl - whatever the flooring we understand the sector. Find out why here.
We work as fast as you do. Find out how we do it here.
Food and Drink.
It's a varied sector, but one we really understand. Find out more here.
Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer.
We understand how important the sector that keeps business moving is.
Houseware / Giftware.
No two businesses are the same in this sector, but we can add a lot of value. Find out how, here.
HVAC and Plumbing.
Discover how we partner with HVAC and plumbing businesses here.
Industrial Supplies, Safety and Tools.
Without this sector nothing would be built. Find out how we support this vital sector.
Janitorial / Sanitation and Hygiene.
More important than ever today. We can help your business grow. Find out how here.
Medical / PPE.
From dentists to doctors we know the demands of the sector. Find out more here.
Office Products.
One of the first sectors we worked with, so we have years of understanding.
Important to so many other sectors we help packaging businesses sell more. Find out how here.
Playing a big part in shaping the business landscape we are helping Technology distributors sell more. Find out how here.

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